NBA Jam, NBA Elite, And A Tale Of Two Videos

Kotaku writes: "They're not haters, they say. They swear they aren't fanboys for the competition, either. But neither would they be EA Sports' favorite people right about now.

One is "Hard8Times," the guy whose 700,000-views video of a devastating glitch in the NBA Elite 11 demo became linked to the decision to indefinitely delay the game. The other is "BigBall12," who owns one of three known retail copies of the game, and whose video of NBA Jam for the PS3 and attempt to live-stream footage of it being played were squashed on a takedown notice from the publisher."

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Titanz2809d ago

Updated visuals with no improvement on gameplay.

Cyrus3652809d ago

The other stuff about NBA jam is typical EA - Money grabbing!

Cerberus21252808d ago

Thats not a glitch,To avoid collision injuries the NBA has implemented traffic control for the 2010-2011 season.

Cyrus3652808d ago

Standing on the court like Jesus.