This Just Cause 2 Stunt Was Worth $10,000

Kotaku writes: "All Daniel Steinberg of Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, had to do to win $10,000 from Square Enix was fly a jet plane through a casino.

Steinberg is the winner of the Square Enix Just Cause 2 Stunt Challenge, beating out several solid competitors with his precision flying. It's not the most impressive Just Cause 2 stunt visually, but the skill it took making the plane fit through those windows was enough to impress the hell out of the contest's judging, and that's what counts."

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Heartnet2536d ago

He did this video using PC and Xbox? looks like it from the controls haha

Most unimpressive video ive ever seen tbh

TheIneffableBob2536d ago

Some people use a 360 controller for flying planes and helicopters (because the analogs are more similar to a flight stick) and then switch over to keyboard and mouse for on-foot action. I did the same in GTA4.

thrust2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

@ heartnet =>your a fanboy! the worst type aswell, Do not get jelous just say well done or be happy when people do or have better than you.

would love to see you do this!

great clip, and them GFX are amazing the bit where the plane is flying over the mountains looks really nice.

Heartnet2536d ago

Lol how am i a fanboy lol for seeing this trick as unimpressive.. im more impressed by CoD players and i hate CoD..

And if i could be assed to do this i would lol but there is little point lol :) say well done? the chances of him reading this news article is fairly slim :P and i dont want to congratulate some1 whose so called 'stunt' is unimpressive

edhe2536d ago

You try flying that jet and see how far you get :)

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ITLoo2536d ago

He makes it look easy.

sdtarm2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

is it not????????

I havent played this game :/

WildArmed2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

No, it requires hella lot of skill.
The stunt may not be visually appealing, but definitely the best skill-based stunt I've seen.
Flying a plane is bitch in JC2.
Man, that was effen epic.
not only did he fly through the casino, BUT HE ALSO, flew beneath 2 bridges (and one upside down)

Crazy mofo

Cyrus3652536d ago

Disagree, I've seen people fly a plane, and parachoot out of it, and land on another plane...

MaxOpower2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

well that was disappointing...

Great to see that I'm not the only one feeling that way.

Made me think of this
GTA:SA Impossible Hydra Stunts:

Hideo_Kojima2536d ago

GTA SA flying was much harder than in Just Cause 2...

I mean this is pretty easy and if you fail you just repeat it 2-3-4-5-20 times and you will get it right.

Why did they pay him so much for so little?
Will they give me 10k if I do the same thing and send it to them?

Soldierone2536d ago

@Cyrus, thats what I'm thinking. This may have been "hard" but its not like it couldn't be mastered with a few tries.

It'd been more epic if he was creative. Jump off one plane onto another, take that plane through the casino, dive down under the bridge, do some trick again, and go upside down the other, then have a grand finale finish. That way his "complicated" gameplay actually looks complicated.

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rroded2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

for 10 grand tho

damn got ta buy the game now jus ta see if i can lol

so many games i havnt even finished yet... meh whats one more

Cyrus3652536d ago

Stunt looks lame, i've seen better on Just cause 2, just flying through a window?

xX TriiCKy Xx2536d ago

The hell do you mean, "just flying through a window?" That shit took skill. I want to see you do it in JC2.

Heartnet2536d ago

flying through a window? this could have just took numerous tries lol.. to make a stunt worth 10 grand u want some fluky shit going on lol not oh he flew through a window.. wow? no

despair2536d ago

I agree with Heartnet, it just takes a little practice and I'm sure its not insanely hard to do, although he had to come up with the idea and perform it so its still a great feat. I'd like to see some of his competition though as I find it hard to believe that this one was the best of the lot.

Cyrus3652536d ago

Agreed I felt the same way...

Kingdom Come2536d ago

Extraordinary. I mean Jesus, if that's worthy of $10,000... Jesus.

AllroundGamer2536d ago

as you probably know Square Enix is making the best games nowadays and therefor have lot of money to throw at people ;)


(upcoming news - Square Enix goes bankrupt)

despair2536d ago

or scary news, Activision and Square Enix merger....

Kingdom Come2536d ago

If Kotick got his hands on Square Enix, Final Fantasy XVIII would be out by the end of next year *Shudders*

skynidas2536d ago

That was lame as hell... With enought practice almost everyone can do that.

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