GC07: Exclusive Halo 3 footage from Gamersyde

Gamersyde has an exclusive 17 minutes of gameplay from a Halo 3 campaign level. Footage from the presentation at GC07.

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minty27814077d ago

doesn't look very exciting!

eLiNeS4077d ago

or better yet, a PULSE!

krayon4077d ago

halo 3 infact actually looks better than killzone.
i dont think halo 3 could be possible on the ps3 with 256mb memory.
halo actually looks but people dont seem to get it.even with this cartoony colors, it sttill looks believable and real detailed.developers have used dirty colors to cover up killzone,it actually looks dirty and not detailed.even call of duty is better than killzone. and hey this is not fanboysm bcos i own both systems.

krayon4077d ago

halo looks like a movie

Meus Renaissance4077d ago

Halo 3 looks fun but the art direction is a completely different to that of KillZone 2 and if you believe this game looks better than that, in terms of realism, then I'm afraid you may be considered a fanboy.

Personally, I want both games for different reasons. And I'll have fun on both, but KZ2 is the best looking game to date next to GT Prologue and Crysis in my humble opinion

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The story is too old to be commented.