The Top 10 Books About Video Games: From Free to Pay

Kindle offers some fantastic books for super-low prices. Lost in the giant media-files are some great books about the history, theory and business of video games. Theses are the 10 best books on the topic of video games that will satisfy your love of gaming even when you can't get to the controller. For those of you that don't have a kindle I have listed the price for the books from as well. Just click on the link to start saving and read more about the book of your choice.

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SarahFox2787d ago

If anyone has read any of these books it would be great if you could tell everyone your thoughts to pick out the best of the 10 I have listed. Thank you for your help.

ITLoo2787d ago

I read Extra Lives. It is an awesome book and gives a good overview of video games and how they have developed over the years/ been important in our lives.

lars2thev2787d ago

Never thought about reading a book about video games. Could someone tell me why it's intresting to do?

SarahFox2787d ago

well if you are really into gaming, the history books are awesome. I love the industry so i read about that, and the culture books give cool insight into the gaming community as a whole. If you like gaming you get really into it and learn a lot.