Video game pumpkin countdown, # 10: Super Mario Galaxy

"Paul Gale Network with its 10th video game themed pumpkin, this time from 2007: Super Mario Galaxy's Luma."

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AaronPal8112959d ago

The other "music" video is hilarious!!

Anthonynoonz2959d ago

PGN your the king of video pumpkins!

MidnightGamer92959d ago

Cool pumpkin... keep it up!

fnixrebrn2959d ago

Can't wait to see what you do this year. Keep up the good work.

GForceRyu2959d ago

I kinda makes me wish that I stuck with art when I was younger and still had some talent. Nowadays I can barely carve let along draw. :(

Bethany2959d ago

Makes me
want to play it again.

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