1UP Interviews Guerilla Games

Prepare for a Killzone bonanza, as Games Convention 2007 starts winding down, 1UP sat down the folks at Guerilla Games, otherwise known as the developers of Killzone 2. Not only did they run through their E3 2007 demo three times -- once straight through, next with development tools on to better show off their engine and lastly where 1UP went hands-on -- but in the remaining time, 1UP grilled Game Director Mathijs De Jonge and Producer Steven Ter Heide on the game.

1UP: Can we expect any sort of drastic gameplay change from Killzone 2?

Mathijs De Jonge: Well, the weather effects are going to play a role in that, but we can't say much about that., unfortunately I think that and the first person [cover system], I think we're the first to do it in that way, so I think it's a quite innovative feature.

Heide: We're really trying to make a mix of features that compliment each other, so that's really where the game's going to shine. We want you to say "this is something you could never do in any other game" -- finding the right mix and doing those things right.

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xaphanze4130d ago

its good they realized the first killzone lacked performance and they are working on that in killzone2

thereapersson4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

1UP: How do you think your game compares to Halo 3?

Heide: Um. I don't think, uh. Actually, uh, [smile] that's a difficult question because we don't compare our games to other games. It's kind of difficult because we're aiming for something completely different in terms of play style, in terms of visuals. We're doing something different, and we're more looking at what we've done in the past and what we need to improve on that, rather than to other games, because we do need to find our own special brand of what is Killzone and we need to define that clearly so you guys understand this is not Halo, or Haze or Resistance. They all have to find their specific spots, and we have to make sure you understand what Killzone's about.


So um... yeah, WHO is comparing KZ2 to Halo? Oh, that's right, everyone EXCEPT for the developers. People need to STFU with the game comparisons already.

Oh, and I want that TV in that picture! *drool*

WaggleLOL4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

"People need to STFU with the game comparisons already. "

It's 1Up, what the hell do you expect. The company has some sort of marketing arrangement with Microsoft, is filled with Xbots, and is used as a stepping stone to landing cush jobs at Microsoft if you slam PS3 games and hype and give out bogusly high reviews for 360 games.

Killzone 2 terrifies them.

Months ago they tried to fool people into thinking there was a "Killzone 2 demo' that looked bad when it was nothing more than a developer conference demoing tools.

They jumped on the Killzone 2 E3 realtime demo quickly and tried to tell people it looked no better than their crappy little Gears of War 360 game until they rest of the gaming world started going nuts over the game and they quickly shut their mouths.

Instead of trying to make Halo 3 a decent next gen game, Microsoft and its army of lunatic Xbots think they can make the rest of the gaming world care about Halo if they trash every other fps at every possible opportunity 24/7/365 days a year. Even Haze from Ubisoft is getting the Halo fanboy wrath these days.

It is good to hear that people are fleeing 1Up and that the site will most likely go bellyup.

Halo and the Xbots have been Killzowned!

If EGM/1Up are still around early next year when KZ2 is release it is going to get DESTROYED in EGM/1Up's 'reviews' of the game. Look for 5 or 6/10 scores from the Halo fanboys there...

ParaDise_LosT4130d ago

"the first person [cover system], I think we're the first to do it in that way, so I think it's a quite innovative feature."
Warhound, had that feature I think.
but maybe Guerilla though of it 1st...
who cares killzone will be awesome.

gamerriffic4130d ago

i love seeing new info arrive on N4G..
this game is definitely not going to disappoint.

screw the comparisons with other games.
theres no other game like it.
no no, not halo 3 or gears of war.
no game like it. ( note i didn't say it was better,
just different. )

not even the engine.
the lighting is superb.

thereapersson4130d ago

There is no other game like this. There are games of equal caliber and greatness, but they will offer totally different experiences.

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