Top 25 MMORPG Graphics: East vs. West

From the far east to the west, there are many MMORPGs that have numerous similarities between them from gameplay to design. We are all familar with the pain of grinding, leveling, and farming. You always see these in MMORPGs. The differential factor that creates a distinction among these games is the graphics. Some of these games are already out in the market and some are upcoming. So lets take a look at these games and see which one is the best.

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g4n3956d ago

still looks great, 5 years later!

Weed3956d ago

I was surprised to see it up there lol that games been out for ever and It still has good graphics compared to alot of MMOs. Huxley looks awesome.

tplarkin73956d ago

MMOs are looking better, but they really need to improve the polish and graphics. I understand that MMOs require lower specs since there are 100s of users playing, but I've tried a few of them and they seem boring. You can do many things, like fly, swim, etc. But it never feels realistic.

Aion from NCsoft looks amazing, however.