2 New Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Videos

Jump behind cover and unload everything you've got into the enemy team. The lush overgrown features of this battlefield offer perfect cover to a smart combatant.

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closedxxx4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

I also WANT to know whey the guy playing insisted on randomly shooting his light machine gun at the walls... retard

I'd also like to say-
I think that the "field of view" focus technique used in this games makes it look awesome.
Just watch as he "zooms" you can see the people and objects in the foreground go out of focus as the camera focuses down range. Looks sick

EDIT: Ahhh... I just noticed the "Kill Cam" in the second video. THAT'S AWESOME! You get to see how you died from your killer's perspective!

AngryHippo4101d ago

i know i want it now too. November cant come quick enough

Danielson4101d ago

WOW that looks like so much fun i love call of duty games online so i cant even imagine how much fun this will be. come on November get here faster lol

JosefTor4101d ago

I think I'm the only one that might prefer the WWII Call of Duty games. This game does looks awesome but... why would I want to shoot someone from so far away? I want in your face action of the old WWII games. I mean... most of the time here you die without even knowing where the enemy is. Then again... I'm watching these tiny videos so perhaps when I get into the beta, my fears will be squashed. Does noone else want close combat though? This is why I don't play GRAW much.

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