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Submitted by CranberryPub 1952d ago | news

CoD: Black Ops Prestige Edition RC car requires twelve batteries

Picking up the Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops for that exclusive RC XD car? Well, it looks like you'll need to stock up on the batteries as well if you want to use it. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PS3, Xbox 360)

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EscoBlades  +   1952d ago
Wow Activision...just wow!

Blacktric  +   1952d ago
I LOL'd when I read the title. 12 batteries? I'm pretty sure they won't be included in the package since Activision is trying to get as much money as possible.
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aviator189  +   1952d ago
Nope, no batteries are included.
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1952d ago
Activision is gunna introduce their own brand of batteries so they can gouge the shit out of people buying this retarded RC car.
Syronicus  +   1952d ago
Please tell me this does not surprise anybody...
RC cars like this have always required nearly a dozen batteries. Typically six for the car and six for the controller. Nothing new and to report on it is just plain stupid. I hate Activision as much as the next guy but this is like piking on Bobby Kotick for his hair and forgetting to mention is a-hole attitude about gaming.
mikepmcc  +   1952d ago
Actually, that's not true, almost ALL remote control vehicles have rechargeable batteries.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1952d ago
I bet we will see videos of people sticking fireworks and other explosives on them and blowing them up like in the game.
DarkTower805  +   1952d ago
Ok, Settle Down
First of all, 12 batteries isn't that much considering there is a camera on the vehicle. Secondly, 12 batteries will only cost you $3 at the dollar store.

Last of all, @ Blacktric, how the hell does Acti make off battery sales? Grow up.
Rush  +   1952d ago
Don't defend activision that's not cool xD
Theonik  +   1952d ago
I have a RC tank with an Airsoft cannon than takes 10 batteries. (8AA for the tank and 1 9V for the remote) Not at all that surprised but seriously i fail to see why someone would want this, from my experience it should chew through these quite fast. They should have gone with a rechargeable battery really. :S
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SnakeShady  +   1952d ago
@ Darktower
if they give you 12 batteries their profit will reduce. that's why.
Grow up.
vulcanproject  +   1952d ago
Cheap tat. A quality product would have a nice rechargeable pack, lithium polymer. Nickel metal hydride, at least.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1952d ago
My RC car has rechargeable batteries and it can do 35mph...
With just 6volts.

This thing takes 6 batteries so it will have 9 volts whether they are AA or AAA.

What doesn't make sense is why does the remote control need another6 batteries? Does it have a 3 kilometer range or something?

This is a fucking weird design decision.
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Soldierone  +   1952d ago
Its a cheap RC Car, which cheap ones always have a crap ton of batteries. It would require Activision to spend a little money on a quality product for you to get a quality RC Car with rechargable batteries. I think I'll stick with my gas powered RC Car, yeah the gas is expensive but burning out tires doing at least 40 is always fun as heck.

TBH I won't be suprised if this car can only go forwards and backwards lol....
Rush  +   1952d ago
@Soldier one
Your out of the loop my friend cheap RC cars only go forwards and turn left xD
4pocalyps3  +   1951d ago
I think the extra batteries
Make it so that the controller reaches into your pocket and steals your wallet....
Akagi  +   1952d ago
It's confirmed. Activision must own a battery company.
Motorola  +   1952d ago
this ^^^
Snakefist30  +   1952d ago
You gotta be kidding 12 fucking Batteries.This is INSANE!!
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Theonik  +   1952d ago
Not insane. I've seen many kits that need as much. Just stupid they didn't follow the recharge route.
Domer25  +   1952d ago
LOL, did Duracell design this? F@cking outrageous.
princejb134  +   1952d ago
if anyone buys this______________
Jaces  +   1952d ago
What a waste of money, seriously. Whoever buys this....jeeze..
TVippy  +   1952d ago
Fuck it, then!
visualb  +   1951d ago
12 batteries
sold exclusively by Activision each at the price of $30 no refunds
frankymv  +   1952d ago
How many batteries?
ambientFLIER  +   1952d ago
12. It says it in the title and the article.
aviator189  +   1952d ago
Freaking 12?!!!!!
And the next thing you know there's going to be Activision brand batteries, lol.
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Blacktric  +   1952d ago
With Kotick's smiley face printed on them.
Killa Aaron  +   1952d ago
it's better than paying them for the replacement battery pack when it stops holding a charge (if they chose the rechargeable route), but i agree 12 is alot when it could have been 2 C batteries or D batteries.
Hellsvacancy  +   1952d ago
I dont think i can even count to 12, what a big number for such a small thing

"Cheaply" made in other words
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Eiffel  +   1952d ago
I bet this little thing can suck them flat around an hour of use.
THC CELL  +   1952d ago
12 batteries!! it better really blow up for that.
Apollyn  +   1952d ago
Waste of batteries then!
lodossrage  +   1952d ago
Dang, even toys based on Activision's games are greedy
how one RC can need that much juice is beyond me
ambientFLIER  +   1952d ago
6 for the car and 6 for the remote...
Solans Scott  +   1952d ago
Epic fail.
Dysmorphic  +   1952d ago
Twelve? Hmm, kinda makes me less excited for mine now. I thought at least a rechargeable battery inside the car itself would have been included. Regardless, more of a collectors edition than half of the rubbish put out today (I'm looking at you EA/Capcom). Now the only thing left for me to know is the camera/microphone quality and speed/handling of the model.
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Wii360BeatsPS3  +   1952d ago
Activision hate you, and you love it.
SexyPrawns  +   1952d ago
Is that even legal?
enkeixpress  +   1952d ago

... I take it that the batteries are not included also? :D
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SexyPrawns  +   1952d ago
They come with it, but you have to pay $15 to activate them.
dredgewalker  +   1952d ago
Lol! Do these batteries have DLC?
Darth_Bane79  +   1952d ago
-Gespenst-  +   1952d ago
Hahahaha, that's absolutely disgraceful. Activision can't handle giving anything away for free without some sort of catch. They won't be getting our money from battery purchases per se, but we will be spending a lot on them if we care enough, so it's as if Kotick just wants us all to have less money than him.
Letros  +   1952d ago
Kotick explained the design as "authentic Cold War tech", as rechargeable Li-ion batteries were not around for some time later.
fafoon  +   1952d ago
Does the RC Car
Blow up
foker  +   1952d ago
If it did,.. someone migt drive it right into activision building,..
DiLeCtioN  +   1952d ago
Count me in
Darth_Bane79  +   1952d ago
That would be funny..
We all should get this cars and fill them with fire crackers and run them into Bobby Kotick's house... LMAO!!!
Vip3r  +   1952d ago
Gotta laugh and people who are actually willing to pay £130 for crap like that. Activision really know how to screw people over.
Sneak-Out  +   1952d ago
my time machine needs 50 Nuclear fuel rods, who is the Problem ?
FFXI101  +   1952d ago
I thought the
MW2 Prestige Edition was way better, at least we get the "Night vision" goggle
velocitygamer  +   1952d ago
How much would the DLC for the RC car cost?
AllroundGamer  +   1952d ago
yesterday i wanted to preorder the prestige edition but changed my mind and took the normal ed. cause i had a bad feeling, that the RC car will be crap anyway and won't last long, now i have the proof my decision was the right one :)
Beahmscream  +   1952d ago
Don't waste your money on the Prestige Edition... Seriously guys not worth it!
SKUD  +   1952d ago
LMAO @ the people who bought it.
lugia 4000  +   1952d ago
Looks like the RC Car has a XBL/PS+ subscription afterall
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Jack-Pyro  +   1952d ago
How much you wanna bet that Kotick has a bunch of money invested in Duracell, or Energizer.

That_Genius  +   1952d ago
Holy crap those batteries better keep it running for the rest of my life if it needs that many.
xtremexx  +   1952d ago
i think you missed out something, they have to be Activision batteries

50 dollars per battery
Shield  +   1952d ago
Gamestop has a pre-order for the batteries and Best Buy will charge you a service fee to install them. :-p
Vip3r  +   1952d ago
+bubbles for that shield.
Red-Blitz  +   1952d ago
I LOL'D so bad when i saw this article.
SnukaTheMan  +   1952d ago
Look at that ....
Anyone else think there's going to be some trouble with a car that looks like it has c4 strapped to it.....???
lars2thev  +   1952d ago
Not really news worthy IMO.
SKUD  +   1952d ago
^^^New to N4G. LOL
hiredhelp  +   1952d ago
So its a cheap RC car with no real power. to need 12 batterys. not even a basic nicad battery to be put in. bloody hell.
Shield  +   1952d ago
That pretty much sums it up. The total cost of batteries will be worth more than the car.
Adaminy  +   1952d ago
holy crap. looks like the sega game gear has finally been de-throned lol
SyphonFilter  +   1952d ago
dam what an avatar...
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