Daily Mail: Blue Dragon "Beautiful but Boring"

National UK newspaper The Daily Mail has reviewed Microsoft's Blue Dragon. The reviewer was enamoured by the graphics but left bored by the playability. He says "The lighting in particular is often astonishing and the artwork is as detailed as its context is predictable. Call me contrary, but if I wanted to watch a movie I'd buy a DVD- this is supposed to be a game."

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Marceles4128d ago

That's what I kinda felt when I played the demo, but then again it looked like the demo came with every move in the game and kinda spoiled it. Also those FF7-like sequences when the character does their super move is very long. It's a very good looking game, but I got over the graphics-wow-factor in 15 minutes. I might still rent it because I like RPGs and their might be something I could miss out on if I don't play the actual game

ChronicOsmosis4128d ago

They gave 5 out of 5 for Pirates of the caribbean on the 360 nuff said!!