[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008

The annual fight between the two biggest football titles has officially commenced here in Germany, with both being shown not just at their own developer's booths, but elsewhere on the floor too. We managed to play FIFA two days ago, but couldn't get to PES until today. Having waited for around thirty minutes for the damn public to get out of our way, we finally stepped up to complete our hands on. We also have some video footage for you to check out.

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doublertist4135d ago

completely agree with you, the only people who play fifa are people who dont really know about PES, since they see the name fifa and figure its the official game and probably the best although that is completely false, PES is far superior in every way

okcomputer4135d ago

Not in every way.. FIFA has dozens more teams, better graphics, better presentation, better online play and official kits for all leagues.

In the gameplay though pes is the clear winner every year.

karan74135d ago

pes2008 has a much more realistic gameplay comapread to fifa!! well this year fifa is really sharping up!!we the likes of be a pro faeture!! i have been a pes fan for years and really i thing pes really got to show some really cool stuff what u think???

SCThor4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I started playing PES when it was called ISS on the SNES. Then I turned to FIFA and never came back. I tried PES or Winning Eleven, but the feeling is so unreal compared to FIFA. FIFA is the BEST.

doublertist4135d ago

wow maybe you like the arcade feeling where you can aim your shot to the most extreme angle and never miss hitting the goal but winning 11 or PSE actually makes the game competitive and interesting with compelling more realistic gameplay and over the top graphics...fifa cant really hold a candle to it...

way to blow all of your credibility SCThor

PSE has proven to be a better soccer franchise with better than FIFA sales every year

Goshyujin_Sama4135d ago

Because anyone who does can tell you that PES/W11 has always been the superior football game. Fifa is just EA's self-proclaimed #1 football game. But in all honesty Fifa has always controlled like a tank compared to the smooth and realistic gameplay of pes. The only thing fifa has ever 1 up'ed pes on is character models, and gfx, but even then it was marginally better at best. And from what I can see from this yr's football games PES has really stepped up their visuals and made the gameplay even sharoper than ever. Did you actually take the time to read the hands-on experience of the reviewer. He explained in detail how PES is better than Fifa in almost every aspect. Please think b4 you post mindless cow dung on the forums!

Itachi4134d ago

what have you been smoking that makes FIFA play so good

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