PS3 Japan sales strong in four-week streak

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 held above 20,000 units for a fourth consecutive week in the latest retail sales data from Japan.

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xaphanze3984d ago

''The PS3 has sold more than 1 million units to date in Japan. It ranks as the No. 4 best-selling video game hardware in the region.

Sony expects to ship 11 million PS3 units this business year''

does he always have to say that?

larry0073984d ago

400k in 2 years

and just 2k hardwares pwer week.

ps3: x360 == 10:1 in JAPAN

ps3 is beating x360 by heavy margins(atleast 200k) on a worldwide MONTHLY basis


thereapersson3984d ago

Enjoy your stay. There are a few 360 fanboys there to keep you company. :)

BIadestarX3984d ago

larry007 - Care to provide us with the sources you are getting this information from? I am very interested on seing how you got the information where the PS3 is selling 200K more units than the xbox 360 each month.

achira3984d ago

when the ps3 sells well, then the threads are empty, lol. i am sure this will happen more and more with time.

Bleucrunch3984d ago

The people will be buying ps3 more and more cause they are comming to grips with the fact that its the best. I dont think anything else needs to be said on my part.

razer3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

You've already made yourself look dumb enough.. No further comment needed.

It's JAPAN.. HELLO!?? And maybe you've not heard about this Wii thing? Which is currently raping the competition.

Kyur4ThePain3984d ago

We're talking about the PS3 here.
Ever heard of a little thing called relevance? Which is currently not in your vocabulary.

MaximusPrime3984d ago

all i can say is "way to go!"

DJ3984d ago

Hopefully the system's dominance can match that of the Wii by next year.