Sony: 'We should have had more original PSP games'

Sony's European boss admits in an interview published Friday that the PSP has suffered from a shortage of games.

"Honestly... we should have had more original PSP games" David Reeves told when asked about the upcoming extended services for PSP.

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Shadow Flare4127d ago

well if PSN is anything to go by then psp2 will have plenty of original games. I love the psn games, Calling All Cars, Super Stardust, Fl0w, Snakeball...well snakeball's not out yet, but i really want it

xbox360elitegamer4127d ago

It's true, I personally think that they should have more games, it would make the PSP even more popular.

castdreams4127d ago

to see that Sony's pulling it together with the Psp (even if I do enjoy laughing at them). With that said, Psp sales will probably look much better in the near future. It'll probably never catch up with the DS, but if Sony learns their lessons now, they actually have a chance of beating Nintendo next time.

Dudeson424127d ago

For Sony to give me a reason that I HAVE to have a PSP. LocoRoco almost did it, that game looked pretty awesome, but other than that I havent been blindsided by a game that made me go "geez, i better get one." I WANT to want a PSP, i really do, I'm just waiting for that special game.

INehalemEXI4127d ago

Made me buy another psp after I had traded my first 1 in.

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The story is too old to be commented.