Fallout 3 - 10 questions with the vault overseer

If you've spent any time with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you know Emil Pagliarulo's work. He's the guy responsible for the Dark Brotherhood faction, often considered to be the best storyline in the game. Now Pagliarulo has moved up to the head chair, taking on the role of Lead Designer on Fallout 3, Bethesda's resurrection of the late-'90s PC classic. With Games Convention 2007 in full swing, 1UP had the opportunity to grill him about the game, the franchise, and the fan response.

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TnS3980d ago

Dedicated to MK_Red. :)

MK_Red3980d ago

Thanks, :)
Awesome find and awesome comment. War NEVER changes.

thereapersson3980d ago

The Dark Brotherhood missions were some of the best in the whole game, and I loved the way the story progressed.

I can't wait for Fallout 3. Hopefully they take the time to optimize it across all platforms so everyone can enjoy the same gaming experience at the same time.

MK_Red3980d ago

Great interview and info but a bit too wrong about fans. He says that the reason Fallout fans are so vocal, defensive and passionate is that they are old school PC gamers who don't like console games. He may be right about the old school part but most of Fallout fans are big console users and fans, including me and keep playing lots of new games from Oblivion to BioShock. I for one, love both PS3 & 360 and yet am still a defensive hardcore fan (At least I hope I'm hardcore).

The Real Joker3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Hey MK. I am a member of the forums over on Bethesdas page. I was a member and participated mostly when Oblivion was in development. There was forum post after forum post about dumbing down of the elder scrolls game because it went to the consoles. I have to disagree with you about old school PC gamers. There are quite a few on the boards over there and they hate the 360 and PS3 because they think those consoles are ruining "THIER" PC game. I think it is kind of stupid. I do see where Emil is coming from. But bubbles to you anyway because you are a good poster.

Fallout Guru3980d ago

I count myself among the hardcore fanbase. I played 1&2 multiple times, and sorta liked tactics.

Those who believe they are only hardcore because they have a negative opinion about Bethesda's rights to the series are spoiled brats. No one in their right mind would prefer a game NOT be made at all than have it change a bit. Myself, I would have been happy with isometric, but you know what? FPS is just as good. Its a fresh twist to the series. It's about story people. If they nail that, then it will still FEEL like Fallout. Period. I say, give Bethesda a chance and see what they do with it. We owe it to them just for reviving the series after a decade. I miss it very much.