Enslaved vs Castlevania: Which Should You Buy?

s rare that two highly touted games release on the same day. However, when it happens gamers have some tough decisions make; especially gamers on a budget, which is likely all of us. Now that Enslave and Castlevanina are available, its likely you'll spend some time sitting at the checkout counter wondering which one is worth of that coveted 64.00 dollars. Well, were here to help you deiced. To aid in your next big adventure, we take the liberty of comparing which of these games will offer the best possible gaming experience, so you wont waste your money.

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MrMccormo2812d ago

In my opinion:

Enslaved has the better atmosphere and plot, but Castlevania is more varied and challenging.

But let's consider other 3rd-person games this year like God of War 3, Mass Effect 2, and Vanquish.

Chris3992812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Castlevania is longer, runs beautifully on both platforms and most importantly PLAYS well. Ninja Theory have demonstrated that they make decent cinematic pieces, but not once have they made a competent game. They might want to consider being a CGI studio instead of a game developer.

Castlevania gets my vote, ordered it today after the rather spectacular demo; which was far more impressive (to me) than Enslaved.

Red_Orange_Juice2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

"s rare that two highly touted games release on the same day"

wtf is that supposed to mean, who tf starts a sentence with a letter "s", and not even capital ?

JoySticksFTW2811d ago

I was with you until you got to "but not once have they made a competent game"

Heavenly Sword is a great game, let alone just competent

I can't stand Ninja theory, but I love that game

That all said, my money goes to Castlevania. I'll pick up Enslaved when the price drops

Chris3992811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I love Heavenly Sword; one of the best experiences this gen. That aside, the combat was shallow and the game was over in 7 hours, herded you along and had little replay value or side-questing (unlocking character art is NOT a side-quest). The story and characterization were brilliant, but the GAME, the actual part that you play, fell flat.

That's all that I'm saying. And based on the reviews (and my own play-through of the demo), it seems that Enslaved suffers the same fate. Great story and characters, shallow game-play. NT needs to balance this more for their games to be truly defining. Or just make something purely cinematic, like Heavy Rain. Stop making action games and offering pompous interviews about how you're "defining" the craft of video-game creation. The hubris that NT display at times is mind boggling.

Karum2811d ago

Just on that competent game comment, I have to disagree.

Now I havem't played Enslaved so can't comment on it either way but I personally thought Heavenly Sword was a fantastic game that I only had 2 problems with.

First was that it was a bit short and secondly there were some terrible load times, had to run through a long load time every time you died too which was annoying.

Other than that, great game...certainly competent.

Gonna agree on Castlevania though, if I had to choose between the two (and right now I do have to) I'd choose Castlevania. I loved the demo and keep hearing the game is quite long which is awesome too.

DaTruth2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

That means you weren't doing it right! The combat was shallow on my first playthrough too; but my second and following playthroughs were a whole different story, especially if you're trying to get the style bonuses!

Literally spent hours on the "Twing Twang" level!(still can laugh at that 3 years later!)

Elimin82811d ago

I have Enslaved and I can tell you it's not worth a rental. Maybe borrowing it from a friend IF that friend is unlucky as me to buy it day one and then realize WTF! I Picked up Castlevania too but played Enslaved first cause I knew after all the reviews I would be in for a treat with Castlevania. Not that I purchase based on reviews....

My 2Cents...

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Godmars2902812d ago

Vanquish might have some relevance since its coming out around the same time, but its still a shooter where they're adventure titles.

As for choosing between those two, while I'm leaning more towards Enslaved for story versus camera and other issues I'm hearing about Castlevania, I honestly don't want to reward NT by buying their game.

As shallow as it sounds they just come off as being too arrogant.

Fan Tastic2811d ago

Castlevania is great so far.

Enslaved demo was boring, I was excited for it until the demo hit. Poor gameplay mechanics (feels a bit laggy even), dull level design on the first level, art style is boring as well.

MysticStrummer2811d ago

I felt the exact opposite. The Castlevania demo bored me, and I played the Enslaved demo four or five times before buying the game.

Sarcasm2811d ago

Same here, I felt the graphics looked great in Castlevania. But it just didn't feel as fluid as I expected.

Not to say Enslaved feels any better.

My pick goes to God of War III


dredgewalker2811d ago

My money's on Castlevania cause the camera and simple combat system in Enslaved turned me off.

wsoutlaw872811d ago

im getting..... neither. neither one intrests me ill save my money for all of the better upcoming games

kneon2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I'm also getting neither, yet. I've still got 7 or 8 other games to finish from this year and neither of these games makes me want to rush out and get them right away.

Graey2811d ago

At least rent the Castlevania one. Enslaved story wise has me interested, but I think the other aspects of the game will bore me after a bit.

Castlevania on the other hand has me intrigued. I'm playing through the game now. Honestly I'd rate it a 8/10. Can't go higher or lower than that.

I'm currently trying to tweak the move to work well with MAG, but I switch between the two.

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jc485732812d ago

I would buy both since there are special deals going for both games. I pretty much goth both games for 40 each!

albel_nox2812d ago

I got Enslaved the day it came out and it is awesome. I played the demo for Castlevania and it was pretty lame to me.

BillOreilly2811d ago

i rented enslaved and will buy catlevania because its longer. I am almost done with enslaved and i will say i LOVE it. The beggining is amazing and it dets better as you go. The character dev is great, beautiful BEAUTIFUL word, and a very entertaining story. The platforming is great and i enjoy the combat and new skills. There is very good variety. I hope castlevania rocks as much as this does.

Quagmire2811d ago

Enslaved if you want something new. Castlevania if you want something old.

Kewl_Kat2811d ago

enslaved's game mechanics are actually the ones that's old and outdated. although castlevania didn't revolutionize anything, they at least took pointers from the god of war games, which by the way, have a great track record for great gameplay

MysticStrummer2811d ago

Neither game's mechanics are anything new.

Quagmire2811d ago

Sorry, i should have specified it more.

Enslaved if you want something different, castlevania if you want something the same.

ChickeyCantor2811d ago

"Enslaved if you want something different, castlevania if you want something the same."

Eeeehh naaaaa...

Faztkiller2811d ago

Not Played Enslaved yet but from what I've played of Castlevania Its in my top 5 games of 2010 so far

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