IGN - Super Scribblenauts Review

IGN writes: "If you were at all disappointed with the first Scribblenauts, rest assured they fixed everything for the sequel. Maxwell is now easily controlled with the D-pad, eliminating the frustration caused by pointer controls. The promise of Scribblenauts is now fully realized: this is a delightful and impressive puzzle game that allows players a lot of room to get creative."

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MrMccormo2755d ago

Oh snap. I loved the first one. Looks like I gotta get me this one, too!

AEtherbane2755d ago

they said the fact that the clouds were hanging by string was a flaw in art design! thats such so stylized to this game! This game has a wonderful pop-out book design, very innocuous, yet truly very deadly.

wariofart2755d ago

Super excited for this game! I really liked the first Scribblenauts, but yeah, controls and easy level design really put a dent into the experience.

And adjectives?!? That work?!? OMFG.