New Fallout 3 screens

Bethesda has released four new screenshots of Fallout 3.

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MK_Red3956d ago

OMGZXCHSEASD, Awesome find. I'd kill for any Fallout related info and material.
Stunningly beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

TnS3956d ago

I hope we get some previews from GC.

3956d ago
thereapersson3956d ago

I've been looking at these screens since the Fallout 3 Game Informer issue 2 months ago.

TnS3956d ago

These were not published online before.

AngryHippo3956d ago

i really want more info on this game and a gameplay trailer, it looks really gritty making it more a believable environment

Keowrath3956d ago

I cannot wait for this game, fond memories of the previous 2.

The first shot looks kinda blurry. I take it the mess in the background is/was a guy/mutant that's just been gibbed resululting in a kind of shell shocked image and that's bits of him hitting the camera?

Good times!

tudors3956d ago

This is going to rock.

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