No Value Label Coming for Wii

Nintendo has told MCV that it has no plans to follow the lead of Sony and Microsoft by introducing a budget label on first-party Wii software.

Sony's PlayStation Platinum and Microsoft's Xbox 360 Classics ranges have both significantly boosted revenues for Nintendo's rival format holders – but the Japanese firm has decided that its Wii price proposition does not warrant a designated value label.

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MK_Red4078d ago

Well, right now all Wii games are selling like hot chocolate, why would Nintendo want to lose dollars?

ItsDubC4078d ago

As it stands right now, there is absolutely no reason for Nintendo to lower the price of Wii hardware or 1st-party software. Hotcakes only wish they could sell as well.

BrotherNick4078d ago

meh, if no one buys them retailers will sell them anyways to open up inventory, it's not important unless they can't sell the games anymore and use that for advertising the game.

firstworldman4078d ago

Well when you have games that range so much in price, then why would there be a value label?
That's what I think is going on here.

Rooftrellen4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

It'll happen at some point, but, right now, Nintendo isn't exactly having problems moving the Wii or games.

Nothing about the Wii's price, software or hardware, is going to change until you can walk into any store and buy it.

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