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Bungie is the greatest game developer of all time.

Sarcastic Gamer pokes a bit of fun at Bungie's expense over it's latest tease that they may be developing a MMO.

From the article: When speaking in hyperbole, declaring the “best ever,” or offering mile high platitudes, I usually reserve the good stuff for Valve games. When looking back on Bungie’s career, however and when hearing about a possible new MMO from Bungie’s creative director Joseph Staten at GDC Online, earlier this week, I pondered one question: “Why is Bungie the greatest game developer of all time?” Why?

Because Bungie can do no wrong. A MMO for their next game? A MMO for their next game." (Bungie, Culture, Halo Series, Industry, Marathon, Myth II: Soulblighter, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Next-Gen, PC, Xbox 360)

r0gueZA  +   1442d ago
ama gonna let you finish... but Beyonce was the greatest developer of all time... all time :)
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1442d ago
Beyonce has the greatest developed ass of all time!

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r0gueZA  +   1442d ago
GodsHand  +   1442d ago
Make dat a$$ clap make it snap (talk to me now).
Make dat a$$ smack when I slap (talk to me now).
pixelsword  +   1442d ago
lol Natsu and r0gue
Shang-Long  +   1442d ago
everyone is allowed an opinion.
TROLL EATER  +   1441d ago
great job on halo reach
ZombieAssassin  +   1442d ago
I just don't see them doing an MMO, especially if it's multiplatform since Microsoft isn't really all that MMO friendly when it comes to the xbox. Hope it's not one too since I don't care for MMO's and it would be a shame for people as talented as Bungie to waste their talent on something like that.
TekoIie  +   1442d ago
There will be a sequel for it the year after release. Infinity ward will be making it, and then bungie will make one ect...
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DeathGazer  +   1442d ago
Funny stuff.
mushroomwig  +   1442d ago
est eve
Prcko  +   1442d ago
to this article!
saoco  +   1442d ago
nintendo is
mcstorm  +   1442d ago
I agree with you there is only one company who has made an amazing game after amazing game and that is nintendo the hard bit of that would be what is the best nintendo game.

I'm not bashing halo I love the game but nintendo are the game making kings just look at the sales over the last 25 years
ZombieAssassin  +   1442d ago
While I agree that NiN have always delivered they haven't really made a new IP in many many years, it's mainly just Mario Zelda Metriod Donkey Kong.
trevonn95  +   1442d ago
its called
rehash after rehash thats wat they deliver they are good devs do
TekoIie  +   1442d ago
Story telling prowess my ASS. Tell me one good story telling strategy that was used after halo 2, seriously. The main character speaks in mono-tone ALL THE FUCKIN TIME and then they kill of Sgt.johnson and i assumed the fans would feel dissapointed. All i could do was stare at the screen and ask: when do i get to shoot more stuffs???

Halo reach campaign = Run here, shoot that, keep shooting that, Ok now defend here and shoot THEM, nope you died time to shoot that AGAIN. booooring.....
Gam3s4lif3  +   1442d ago

dude all games r like tht u moron, what MW2 "Run here, shoot that, keep shooting that, Ok now defend here and shoot THEM, nope you died time to shoot that AGAIN. booooring....." so ur just telling urself tht all games are boring.
Kingmitch23  +   1441d ago
Well yes many of the FPS games available are boring
jay2  +   1442d ago
No,No,No,No,NO! sorry but they are NOT. They've made all this money and they couldn't even build a decent games engine, andy Bungie uses excusives, but some of that money in to making a better engine, now you're gone Multi format you've had to, but it's not good stuff.
antz1104  +   1442d ago
LOL I love that ppl didn't even read the story blub at the top: they're using SARCASM, LOL :D
ndibu  +   1442d ago
MMO huh? Hee hee hee
Kinda takes the sting out of them going multiplatform doesn't it? We had the best of Bungie, enjoy the MMO lol
Letros  +   1442d ago
Subjective topic is subjective.
foker  +   1442d ago
What did they make,.. Marathons, Myths,.. Oni and Halos,...
lol Halo1 was the only really great game,.. the rest was more or less crap or average... Halo kinda maintained quality and I actually liked Oni on PC,.. But to say they are the best is just stupid,..
GamerSigma  +   1442d ago
Hey foker
The post is satire...
foker  +   1442d ago
sorry bro I haven't read it at the time,.. was reading another article still,.. should have waited to read it before I posted,.. but jumped the gun,.. because the title was so funny,.. and you cannot delete shit here,..
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Tilian  +   1442d ago
Not in my world. Plenty of devs I consider on par with Bungie. Some I consider better. Still, Bungie is great. Just wish the gaming media would cut the hyperbole.
GamerSigma  +   1442d ago
Did u even read it? Obviously not.
chase167  +   1442d ago
greatest overrated developer of all time.
make some new ip's
then we'll judge
Lazy_Gamer  +   1442d ago
Is Bobby Kotick paying them now to write such articles?They're good but not THAT good. They're abit overrated IMO. And they've made one of the biggest mistakes in their lives by teaming with Activision for ten years. They need to delete that contract somehow and find a new publisher. Then make a new IP.
GamerSigma  +   1442d ago
Lazy Reader
The story is satire you dope.
gillri  +   1442d ago
sorry its Nintendo, anyone that argues is a pleb
Orionsangel  +   1442d ago
Bungie is the most overrated mediocre game developer of all time is more like it.
Bell Boy  +   1441d ago
lol...Valve says hello just to name one of the many developers that are easily on par with Bungie.

But to each their own I guess
ATi_Elite  +   1441d ago
Valve on par with Bungie?

To each his own but there is Valve then

Blizzard / Bioware / Rockstar

then there is everybody else.

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