How [email protected] Turned Friends Against One Another

How a couple of egos and extrinsic motivations turned [email protected] into a bloody cold war competition, where work units were as valuable as kill counts.

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Sadie21002092d ago

Ha. Well, at least they're doing some good in the world!

King-Leonidas2092d ago

what is [email protected] about?

valanceer2091d ago

I wonder how many people would fold is they gave out trophies for certain number of work units....

DigitalAnalog2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Looking at the lights (Places where [email protected] users are supposed to be). I noticed a few of them where in places I don't think I'd ever expect them to have any sort of technology, much less a PS3, EVEN moreso [email protected] Such as:

- An isolated island
- The middle of Atlantic (No Island here, WTF)
- Some where in the nether mountain regions of Nepal (possibly Shangri-la)

Damn, PS3 you scary...

-End statement

garrod2092d ago

lls good post. Funny story. I'm tempted to start a Folding war with some of my buddies now :)

Ocelot5252092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

it's all fun and games until your PS3 gets YLOD from folding 12 hours a day :(

HSx92091d ago

it's a PS3 not an Xbox 360

LockeCole2092d ago

Interesting thoughts on competitive nature. I dig it.

illegalyouth2092d ago

I really enjoyed this story. Great writing!

cmrbe2092d ago

This is the kind of war the world needs.

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The story is too old to be commented.