Crysis Iceworld Gameplay

Eurogamer has posted their third exclusive pre-beta Crysis video showing 3 minutes of "post-freezing" gameplay.

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iceice1234070d ago

Is looking lame there...

Maldread4070d ago

Must say i agree. It just didn`t look as fun as the jungle-section, but since i havn`t played either of them, it`s kind of hard too tell which will play the best. But it didn`t look as fun here no.

MaximusPrime4070d ago

i agree too but i think the background is quite cool. the snow and rock looks almost photorealistic.

ALI-G4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )


i hope this do not turn out to be like ending of FAR CRY

okcomputer4070d ago

What seems lame about the gameplay? It seems like pretty standard fps stuff for me, nothing different than what you'd find in halo or some other sci fi fps.

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ShiftyLookingCow4070d ago

all I can say is that particular alien enemy su(ked. But thankfully there will be a lot more variation if not this game will end being a tech demo(nothing can beat it in sheer graphics) since story seems lacking.

popup4070d ago

Audio was amazing and really helped with the presentation. Good stuff.

Captain Tuttle4070d ago

depth of field done so well before. Gameplay is lacking but it's the most 3D game I've seen.

okcomputer4070d ago

Its a real shame neither the ps3 or 360 can pull this off. The visuals are amazing.

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