Halo 3 replay feature in action

Get a small taste of how the replay feature looks in Halo 3. The footage is from the Halo 3 campaign.

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P4KY B3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

All this and i'm sure Bungie will have some surprises left to show us before the launch.

To this day my friends and I still talk about spectacular shots we pulled off in HALO CE. How cool is it going to be when we can watch them again and again.

Does anyone have a spare Cryo-chamber I can use for the next 4 weeks?

JUSTaGAME3838d ago

I'm contacting the site admins to let them know how much these new ads suck.
If you don't want to see this site get overrun with advertisements, I recommend you do the same.
That is unless you actually enjoy the most recent batch of interfering ads on N4G

sjappie3838d ago

and it blocks all popup ads, I never have them. Maybe you should try it.

darkequitus3838d ago

I use ie7 on vista and never get popups

DreamTension3838d ago

Maybe they need to upgrade to IE7. I'm on XP with IE7 and haven't noticed anything.

Crazyglues3838d ago

I'm on firefox v. running windows xp sp2 and I've never seen a pop-up at or Gamersyde...

you could have a virus there buddy, one that does pop-ups.. :)

Ignorant Fanboy3838d ago

you know what it does?

Blocks pop-ups.

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JokesOnYou3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

dayuuum can you imagine the fun with your friends and a few beers replaying shiii and lookin at your kills from different angles over and over again, this game is just going to be so fkn addictive its unreal. Im sorry but Halo3 has no equal, other games are mere mortals, Sept 25th prepare for the return of Master Chief himself.


hydrog3838d ago

I have teh biggest boner right now.

Lakuspakus3838d ago

Take a bow, and cry. All you people who have said Halo 3 looks like sh1t:P

Moac3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

As it seems bungie is always 3 steeps ahead, its things like this that separate a game from being just another shooter (killzone2) and the nr. 1 game of this generation (Halo 3)

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The story is too old to be commented.