Warner Home Video's Senior VP, a proponent of HD dual-format, steps down

Warner Brothers' "next gen guru" Steve Nickerson, Senior Vice President of Market Management for Warner Home Video, has announced that he will step down from his position shortly.

Nickerson has been a strong proponent for the studio's dual-format stance. He has been a regular speaker at industry trade shows and conferences, where he championed the studio's dual-format approach as giving the consumer the ultimate choice and the studio a chance to maximize revenue from high-def discs.

Coming only days after Paramount announced that it would return to backing HD-DVD exclusively, news of Nickerson's exit is already causing speculation that perhaps Warner -- the biggest and last format-neutral major studio -- is close to changing its stance and choosing one HD format.

Note: This news is a confirmation of an early rumor and clarification of Nickerson's HD format stance.

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the_round_peg4128d ago

Nickerson was talking about the success of releasing '300' on both formats he was quoted as saying:

"We don’t miss any of the consumers, because we don’t choose one format," Mr. Nickerson said. "Our objective as a studio is to provide content to as many different people as possible."

"If you choose one format over another, you’re going to limit the audience in an already limited audience," he said. "In the short term, it’s better to give people what they want and how they want it."

the_round_peg4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Friday is always a good day to make new announcement. You know, you announce something on Friday, so to give people a whole weekend to go home and rest, for the news to sink in, and then come back next week and realize it's a whole new beginning!

Yeah, I heart Friday. :D

xfrgtr4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

This guy was a pro HD DVD guy big time.Interesting bio..... spent 16 years in sales and marketing with Toshiba.Stephen Nickerson, Senior VP, Market Management, Warner Home Video (WHV): Steve is responsible for worldwide sales and marketing activities. Since joining WHV in 2000, Steve has also been Managing Director for WHV’s operations in Australia/New Zealand and Senior VP of U.S. Sales. Prior to joining WHV, Steve spent 16 years in the consumer electronics industry, mostly with Toshiba in sales and marketing positions. Steve was integral in the launch and success of DVD in the U.S. and also developed and implemented the business plan that enabled Toshiba to become a leader in Projection TVs during the 1990s. Steve has served in several industry associations, including Consumer Electronics Association Video Division Chairman and member of the Executive Board 1997-1999, as well as a founding board member and past President of DEG: Digital Entertainment Group. A graduate of Drexel University (’83), he also was in post graduate programs at Stanford University.

Like a shadow I am4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Read his quotes in the first comment in here. Those quotes reflect his position - there is really no need to try to twist his work history and make up assumptions. Those unambiguous quotes of his speak loud and clearly on where he stands.

However, the Blu-ray camp has been accusing and attacking him (Nickerson) of being pro-HD-DVD because of his continual refusal to get Warner to join Blu-ray. In a way, Nickerson has been a thorn in the side of Blu-ray because he was committed to being neutral and refused to completely join Blu-ray. Blu-ray calls him "pro-HD-DVD", but there is really just Blu-ray's propaganda.

Blu-ray camp's motto is: "If you are not with us, then you are against us," which aptly applies to Nickerson.

kewlkat0074128d ago

placing it's pieces. They have Moore at EA and maybe this new guy at Warner...

Who's next in the Take-ova...hehe

WaggleLOL4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Bye bye HD-DVD, your lackey at Warner just got his ass fired.

Blockbuster and Target dumping HD-DVD and going BluRay exclusive.

BluRay continuing to dominate sales. BluRay has locked up Asia, Europe, and South America. All that's left is the US for BluRay to win a complete victory.

With this idiot now dumped by Warner they just need to make their BluRay exclusive announcement...

Good news for consumers.

cuco334128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Warner will either stay neutral or go HD DVD. They do NOT like paying millions in licensing fees to one of their leading competitors (sony).

We're due for some big news on Warner so we'll either find out today or right before/during CEDIA. Something tells me that HD DVD is going to look real good after the next 2 weeks.

EDIT: aaaawwwwwwe I must have struck a nerve with the sony trolls on this site cuz look at my disagrees. Ain't that cute?! I'll go more into why I think Warner will stay neutral or go HD DVD... Shed some light for you folks. This 'war' is far from over. Studios are looking at attachment rates seriously and they see that the PS3 is a joke being under 1 BD attachment per PS3 (or BD stand alone player) sold where as HD DVD is 4.5/5 to every stand alone player (meaning more movies are bound to be bought). That tells the studios that the other side is greener. especially costing less (HD30 is same cost as SL BD25, yet no $#s were ever distributed for BD50, me thinks it is extremely high). To top it off BD doesn't have a their own format specs finalized meaning all players but PS3 will be junk and obsolete. Let me close (I can be here all day) by saying that the BD camp have seriously dropped the ball as of late and I predict neutral studios to go the way of HD DVD and BD studios to go the way of neutrality. BD+ isn't ready, BD-java is more complex and error prone than HDi, and finally cost difference in players and media is MASSIVE. Next week is CEDIA and we'll see what we as consumers have to look forward to for XMAS 07. Maybe sub$200 players, maybe cheaper media and burners, etc... The masses will decide the outcome of this 'war' and they tend to go towards the cheaper product.

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