Heavenly Sword Video Review

Here is a very informative video review of Heavenly Sword from

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Violater3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

They are funny to listen to, but at least they know te game more than a lot of "credible" sites.
Yes I'm talking about you Gametrailers that called him king "Botan"

These guys make some comparisons to some unlikely but acceptable games which shows that they are actual gamers.

techie3922d ago

Listen again - because i can't understand what you american's say half the time.

tfur3922d ago

After you have gone through science/math in college, you will understand Indian/Asian/Arabic dialects...

Leg-End3922d ago

@ deep ---- yep, we know how to talk properly, it's not "tomaaaaaaato" it's "tomato"

Figboy3921d ago

*I'M American and i can hardly understand anything American's say, you aren't alone. lol.

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Robotz Rule3922d ago

I didin't understand anything they said,what did they give Heavenly Sword?

Watkins3922d ago

It got "a really good game" ^^

QuackPot3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

if you interact alot with a diverse range of people - esp ESOL
But the main points:

...not a button masher...

...need to understand blocks and counters...

...3 main stances with different purpose/attacks...

...control of projectiles with six-axis used in minimal way...

...great dialogue and characters(esp Bosses)...

...Kai missions welcome break...

...Boss battles are too few...

...short length of play(6 hours) but due to it's quality may not be noticeable...

...for him, unlikely to have replay value ...

...really good game that he would buy if he had the money... of the better Ps3 titles for quality, gameplay and graphics.

ALI-G3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

and some people were bashing gears for having 8 hours single player.although it has great online play will take ur time 4 weeks.
this show disc space is not going to change the direction/size of production for games.if developer want to make game with 20-30GB they will do it no matter it will be in 1 disc 2 disc or part of it has to be instated in hard drive

@above:bubble for the translation

QuackPot3921d ago

...reviewer encountered the final boss in ** about ** six hours...

...the rest of the game wouldn't have taken much longer...

Apologies for not picking that one up. But the reviewer is clear that the game was short.

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The story is too old to be commented.