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Critical Gamer: Gran Turismo 5 at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Critical Gamer writes: Gran Turismo 5 was present in three flavours at Eurogamer; regular console TV setup, 3D console TV setup and steering wheel game pod setup. Deciding that most of us will only ever sample the living room variants, where we have a coffee table where we would ideally like our game pod, we tried both editions that put a standard controller in our hands.

As one of the first 3D titles we have had the opportunity of sampling, hooking the special glasses round our ears was quite an exciting moment, not quite knowing what to expect from it all. It actually worked quite well, with the car or steering wheel (depending on the view) standing out from the screen convincingly. The technology is clearly still in its infancy, with a slight change of angle from your eyes making the effect not so swish, but still an impressive display none the less. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

scruffy_bear  +   1383d ago
Gran Turismo 5 will be my life over Christmas
vsr  +   1382d ago
This is the true christmas presentation
to gamers and drivers
Mondayding  +   1383d ago
Roll out the Forza/GT fanboy fight cage!
scruffy_bear  +   1383d ago
LOL that would be fun to what
Cubes  +   1383d ago
Looking forward to this game, but I hope they sort out the dodgy AI from previous games, and improve the online functionality, that was pretty poor in GT5 Prologue.
Pidgeridoo  +   1383d ago
I have always been a Gran Turismo fan! hope this one lives up to my expectations!
Jim Crikey  +   1383d ago
I've never been into GT, and it doesn't look like number five will change that.
SMW  +   1383d ago
So why post on it?
JOLLY1  +   1382d ago
I have never understood why people post on games they dislike or never plan on playing.
Dmarc  +   1382d ago
nothing else to do i guess lol
Jockie  +   1383d ago
The long wait is nearly over.. This needs to be spectacular.
Dingodile  +   1383d ago
Only 24 days till hater`s death !
LegendarySins  +   1382d ago
Everybody knows that X is accelerate in Gran Turismo.
JOLLY1  +   1382d ago
They are surely going to change that though...right?
CernaML  +   1382d ago
You can map your buttons to anything in GT5 Prologue.
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JOLLY1  +   1382d ago
Phew!! I used to use the other analog stick. I hated depressing the buttons.
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