Critical Gamer: Motorstorm Apocalypse at Eurogamer 2010

Critical Gamer writes: Showcasing both 2D and 3D versions, both still in pre-alpha, Motorstorm Apocalypse takes arcade racing and tears it a new exhaust pipe. Stripped down to its core elements it’s a racing game, but with so much happening on screen you hardly notice there’s a race to be won.

The last two Motorstorm outings were wild rides in their own right, with plenty of on track barging and ramming to keep ardent arcade racer fans happy, but if all they’d done is update that and give it a new coat of paint I’d be calling it nice but not nice enough. Ah, but there’s some very cool stuff happening in Apocalypse – stuff that looks like a definite reason to pick this up when it lands sometime in 2011.

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scruffy_bear2599d ago

Can't wait for Motorstorm Apocalypse wasn't a fan of the last one but Apocalypse looks a lot better

Mondayding2599d ago

Explosions? Cars? Destruction? Hope this is as cool as Destruction Derby was on the PS1

scruffy_bear2599d ago

Wish they bring back Destruction Derby, childhood flash backs

Cubes2599d ago

I never saw the appeal to the first two games, but this does look a lot more interesting.

Pidgeridoo2599d ago

Can't wait for this one!!!

Jim Crikey2599d ago

Looked like Burn Second...

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The story is too old to be commented.