Critical Gamer: Rock Band 3 at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Critical Gamer writes: When Guitar hero first dropped onto the scene I was a hater. Not because I hate guitar music. Far from it, I was a complete metal nugget as a youth and a living testament to the adage once a metaller always a metaller. No, what I hated about it was that being able to play a real guitar. Guitar Hero totally threw me. Especially when confronted by a song I knew by heart. The game’s telling me to press the blue button but my fingers are telling me to power chord G and then shred like a demon.

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scruffy_bear2567d ago

Look the new Guitar that will be used with Rock Band 3

Mondayding2567d ago

Wish they'd tell more about that strat...

Cubes2567d ago

I wish these games would teach you more about actually playing a guitar. Perhaps that will be the next evolution in the music game series...

FriedGoat2567d ago

The game has a Trainer for the pro mode guitar and drums ect.
It WILL teach you.

jerander2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Strat + pro mode = actually playing the guitar.

it may not be the correct way ie Tabs or notes on a piece of paper. But it is still you playing the correct notes at the correct time just like on any other guitar

Bobby Kotex2567d ago

You can buy a mexican made standard strat for a little more than these Guitar Hero bundles. You would think practicing on that would be much more rewarding.

jerander2566d ago

that + lessons = a lot more money then what you will spend on rock band

Pidgeridoo2567d ago

I love Rock Band! Can't wait for this one!

Jim Crikey2567d ago

Playing Rock Band with a real guitar? My mind is indeed boggling.

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