Critical Gamer: Writing Brink: You have to be Stern

Critical Gamer writes: Two awesome things were waiting for Neil and I in the VIP area of the Eurogamer Expo: free coffee, and Splash Damage’s lead writer for Brink, Edward Stern. Though his surname makes him sound like a particularly severe member of the Mr Men lineup, Mr Stern couldn’t be any more warm and affable if he tried. Or perhaps he could, and he’s just not putting the effort in; we can’t be sure.

He speaks with great passion and authority about both his own game Brink, and videogames in general. This is one guy who is definitely not phoning his answers in.

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scruffy_bear2811d ago

Brink sounds awesome looking forward to it

Mondayding2811d ago

I have a major horn for this game after seeing it at Eurogamer 2010 - game of the show

IDesertFoxI2811d ago

I'm really looking forward to it. It's been off of my radar for some reason, but hearing everyone rave about it has really peaked my interest.

scruffy_bear2811d ago

Looks brilliant wish I could have got to Eurogamer

Pidgeridoo2811d ago

I'm really looking forward to this!

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