Woolworths sells PS3 at 'all time low' price

Woolworths has claimed that it has dropped the price of the PlayStation 3 to its 'lowest ever level' – offering Sony's next-gen console for just £375 over the bank holiday weekend.

The value bundle comes with two free games, two free Blu-Ray DVDs and an additional controller.

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Babylonian4107d ago

What kind of format is that? A cross between Blu-ray and DVD.........Nah I'm just kidding. It's just funny that some people call movies "DVD". Just like when VHS was the ruler people used to say "I have it on video", now they say "I have it on DVD".

Anyway if this guys calls Blu-ray like that, than what does he call Toshiba's format? HD-DVD DVD? "Hey man I got some cool HD-DVD DVD on my HD-DVD DVD player, DVD." or "How about you and me grab some HD-DVD DVD" or "I wanna have HD-DVD DVD with you"

Hahahaha, Ok, I'm back to serious now. But just for the fun of it, let's spell it all out: aaaich deeee deeee veeee deeeee deeee veeee deeee HAHAHAHAHA.

Capt CHAOS4107d ago

You're hogging that joint!


Kenshin_BATT0USAI4107d ago

Doesn't mention anything on the PS3 sales being low, in fact it seems like a price drop for the PS3 there.

LOFT3164107d ago

can you imagine this "would you like an extended 3 warranty with you PS3 sir" "Uh no thanks its a Playstation not a Xbox this baby aint gonna break down as soon as i plug it in "

alexander22rednaxela4107d ago

Remember that 375£ is 750$ in the US, this might help the european fanboys to get over the price difference.

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