BioShock DirectX 9 vs 10 Performance and Image Quality

Looking for BioShock DX9 vs DX10 screenshots and performance numbers? If so, you'll want to check out this article. Inside FiringSquad has rounded up the latest high-end cards from AMD and NVIDIA. See which cards perform best in today's article.

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Ghoul3923d ago

This proofes it,

DX10 was introduced FAR to early, and i really feel sorry for all the guys riped off for buying dx10 cards almost 1 year ago and still no benefit from it....

ShiftyLookingCow3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

yep DX10 is not bad(check Crysis, there is noticable difference between last year and this year, later being only on DX9) but nobody is using it or using it badly.
I am going to sell my card on ebay, hopefully some su(ker buys it for 450 bucks. When Crysis is released, nvidia's G92 will also be released and it is rumored to run 3 times faster than current 8800GTX

@sushifx, agreed

Ghoul3923d ago

@ billy

thats what i meant the whole 8800 series is obsolete crysis is the first to even use dx10 and isnt even out yet.

By the time crysis is available there are new cards wich will offer the needed power to run cryiss in dx10 mode.

Rageanitus3923d ago

With an opteron dual core 165, and 2 gb's ddr ram. Will this be sufficient.

I still have not seen real ppl comment on the pc version. All I see are reviews from gamesites. I just dont trust review sites anymore concerning about fps games. Especially when the games like Perfect Dark, and Halo got such high ratings.

IMO they were not aaa material.

Si-Pie3923d ago

Well I have the 360 version as my pc is way too old to run this game. However it is a fantastic game and like the article described it as its a FPS meets a RPG kind of game. If you have ever played system shock 1 or 2 and liked them games then you will love this. Its all on your personal taste really but if your still not sure then maybe you should try and get hold of the demo and try it out but I love it.

ShiftyLookingCow3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

from playing the demo, I think that should easily do good at a resolution like 1280x720 or 1280x1024 with max settings and possibly better. Anyways go ahead try the demo, it should give you a good idea of how it will run on your computer

IMO Bioshock is truly AAA, dont play it on easy, its too easy

ShiftyLookingCow3923d ago

forcing the demo to run on DX9 also enables me to force AA on Vista(it looks a lot better with AA even on high resolutions) but damn it also introduces tons of bugs in the game