Japanese Kinect Commercial Is Short But Stupid

Microsoft is obviously planning to pimp Kinect in Japan, as it hasn't given up trying to appeal to that territory yet. With that in mind, here's the television commercial it aims to do it with, demonstrating the alleged appeal of being able to play without a controller in your hand.

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Blaze9292754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

that was a really pointless commercial. didn't even show the product or how it's used. what was the point?

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X_GAMER_X2754d ago

Its not more WTF then this move commercials

now thats just a big WTF

LordMarius2754d ago

mhmm why bring up Move?

but that ad is actually better than this Kinect one

Motorola2754d ago

Thats actually pretty cool

Lyr1c2754d ago

lmao, that was actually pretty awesome

commodore642754d ago

i hope you guys are joking!

oh wait.. you forgot the /s
thought so.

The Maxx2753d ago

Why is that commercial called "Move Men" yet one of those "Move Men" are actually female???

Also the commercial seems a little on the gay side and with the title "Move Men" doesn't help much.

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The story is too old to be commented.