Kinect for the Xbox 360 already Sold Out at GameStop?

Looks like Kinect is a little hotter then some thought. GameStop claims it is Sold Out of the Kinect Sensor at the moment allowing no more pre-orders to be taken. They only have the Xbox 360 4GB or 250GB Console with Kinect bundles available for pre-order.


Newegg is also showing they are Sold Out of not only the Kinect sensor but also the Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect bundle. Could Amazon be next?

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thebudgetgamer2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

or is it sold out? if it is that's good, while i may not be very interested right nhow i think there is room for this stuff and if it helps the industry i cant be angry.

GreenRingOfLife2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Kinect is amazing and apparently a LOT of other people know that too

Ive seen all the videos and im very impressed with Kinect, I already have 2 preordered (one for the tv and 360 in my room and the other for the tv and 360 in the living room)
"Kinect is still available at many places on the net, but for how much longer?"
-I dont know but I remember the Wii was sold out for over a year after release at stores so I expect Kinect to be sold out for at least a year as well but possibly two

So i recommend everybody get their preorder in now before its too late

wenaldy2788d ago

You're trying too hard...

InfectedDK2788d ago

Teeehh GameZ ??
Red ball extreme

Dnied2788d ago

no dont stop its entertaining lol

Simco8762788d ago

Nintendo held back Wii consoles to boost interest in their console. I can see the same happening for Kinect.

Sad game businesses play....

Bigpappy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

But I agree with every single thing GreenRing just said. I also have 2 pre-ordered and I also see Kinect having shortages for most of next year.

I think M$ should focus on US and UK for now, and delay the rest of the world to next year. They can make enough for the US alone.

Mystogan2788d ago

Damn i haven't pre-ordered yet!

cayal2788d ago

New gadgets that have sold out before or on release:

XBox 360

see that pattern here?

All new gadgets sell out initially, it's longevity that matters.

KingME2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

But Move did not sell out Before on On release day, nice try though. I noticed you listed all of your beloved sony gear first.

Why don't you stop trying to downplay things and let it be as it is.

@siyrobbo (below)

One could say the same thing about the move controller and the move bundle. The controller went unavailable while the bundle could be found everywhere.

cayal2788d ago

"But Move did not sell out Before on On release day, nice try though. I noticed you listed all of your beloved sony gear first. "

lol struggling to make a point.

As for Move, yes it was sold out in numerous countries.

Perjoss2788d ago

I get the feeling this thing will sell out fast and become the new 'wii' of xmas purchases and be hard to get hold of making it even more desirable.

evrfighter2788d ago

I buy almost exclusively from the egg. If they sold out of preorders then we have a paper launch or the real deal. Tiger and amazon would be next if you want to confirm the Xmas hot ticket item.

westy5522788d ago

Just cause something is sold out doesnt stop it from being shit. lol

NateNater2788d ago

Really!? Who gave GreenTrollofLife a Well Said Bubble up vote???

Wh15ky2788d ago

Come on guys don't take this GreenRing guy seriously, he's obviously a stealth troll with a name "GreenRingOfLife" and a comment like "Ive seen all the videos and im very impressed with Kinect", he's obviously a PS3 fanboy. Sarcasm doesn't seem to stand a chance on this site unless you state that it's sarcasm after every sarcastic comment.

Anon19742788d ago

Did it sell out? Is Gamestop simply turning the taps off online because they don't know how many units they're getting and don't want to overextend themselves? How many units are going out? If each store is getting 4, then it's not hard to see these preorders being limited.

Or is each store getting 1000 and the launch is going to be the biggest thing in history and people are clamoring to get their hands on them? We really have no idea, and neither does the author of this article. Kinda makes articles like these pointless, doesn't it, without any facts or any idea of what's going on.

This article has three of the 5 w's, What happened, when and who. Kinda missing the why part of it, and without that - this just isn't newsworthy.

Scary692787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

The only people buying this BS are uneducated idiots. We shall see the whiners after buying this piece of sh*t within a few days purchase. All 3 gamestops near me are no where near sold out, matter of fact one of them only has 2 pre-orders so highly doubtful its a sellout.

You are correct I think newegg had like 4-5 available thats why they are sold out for now.

lexington2787d ago

Kinect is freakin' awesome. It wipes the public restroom floor with hd wii and it's little pink ball thingy.

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siyrobbo2788d ago

its a ploy to get people to spend $250 on a bundle

ELite_Ghost2788d ago

lol usually accessories this expensive come in small stocks...

I remember rock band when it came out had like 8 units at best buys when it first came out.

So when they say sold out, it could be just like 20 units tops XD

Adrela2788d ago

Second sentence of the article clearly says, "GameStop claims it is Sold Out of the Kinect Sensor at the moment..."
Not a guess...

Dramscus2788d ago

Just wait, few months after release kinect will set a record for most returned item of all time

ingiomar2788d ago


you really want it to fail huh?
Maybe because it has more PRE-ORDERS then move has SOLD in its first week?

2788d ago
Dramscus2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It's nothing against the product personally I've just never used a quality ms product, from computer os's and peripheral, to gaming devices it all just seemed mediocre.
Mostly my thing with kinect is that from watching videos it seems. Well you know how it seems everybody's been saying it for months. Laggy, unresponsive, glitchy. Plus I look at the release line up for it, and the articles about newly released games. It just seems like a joke.

HyperBear2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


So is the PS Move. Maybe not as much lag, but I can definitely tell you in some of the games I've played with Move, it is not true 1:1 motion sensing. And was there not an article about 2-3 days ago that had Guerrila Games come out and say, "Dualshock players run in circles around Move Players"?

So not only does PS Move Lag and is Unresponsive (not all the time, but it has it's moments where it wont follow the motions), but as far as developers think about it, Dualshock and playing games with a physical controller will always be better. So by your logic, you must think the PS Move is a joke? (unless your a fanboy)

Dramscus2788d ago

I've only played a few demo's with it at a store. It seemed to operate well pretty 1:1 though that was only sports champions.
If it can be made to do 1:1 by some developers and others don't implement it properly it's not a sign of poor product it's a sign of poor developing.

Sure I can see duelshock players running circles around most move players. Like anything though I'm sure there will be exceptions of badass move killers. I dunno I'll see after I get it and shoot some people. At the very least it'll take many people lots of adjusting.

Thing about the move though is it has a ton of games designed for it's base style that will be coming. Sorcery even though it's a little low on the age rating looks awesome, Socom 4 will probably be great with it, eyepet, heavy rain and tiger woods golf all look to be excellent.
I've read the move has .13 of a second of lag, which wow I don't know how anyone can perceive a tenth of a second.
If some other games have more lag then that's on the developers not the equipment.

I guess you could call me a fanboy.
Personally though I just research things and come to a conclusion based on that data.
If the information all pointed to kinect being a high precision, high fidelity, high quality product I would be all over it. I would probably buy a 360. Thing is it doesn't look that way. Hell even how it is if it had some awesome lineup of games I'd get it.
I've made the motion camera mistake before. I bought a pseye with high hopes, which was obviously a long standing mistake. Would be irredeemable if they didn't release move.

If they come out with a bunch of rts', rpg's, and interactive movie type games for kinect I may change my mind. Till then I have no interest in dancing, raft riding, or running on spot. Not even going to venture into the rest of the sad games.

HyperBear2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Alright thats cool. Everyone has their opinions about everything and I respect yours. I just wanted to know how you could judge something without even trying it, or even owning the console to try it on.

However, there is only so much devlopers can do with motion gaming until it becomes either maxed out or too much detailed sensing that takes away the fun of the game. So I would say it's a combination of both the product (where motion technology is at right now) and the developers (either inexperienced or a dislike for motion programming).

Myself, I'm open to different forms of gaming. I'll admit Kinect is not my thing, and I have yet to decide if I will be purchasing it or not, but that does not mean it is a joke of a product, or that other people will not like it. Some of my XBL friends cannot wait to get it. And I'm in the same boat, I dont really see too many games that peak my interest in Kinect yet, but like you said, you never know.

Move for me has been great. Of course there haven't been many titles that have interested me either, but I seen the long-term in it and seen developers and the new games for 2011 utilizing it, so I thought what the hell (at least it's an improvement over Six-Axis, which I don't think anyone even uses anymore). But I do highly recommend Move to anyone who likes motion gaming, the Wii, or anyone with a

BTW: Tiger Woods for Move is bad. All EA did was copy and ported the game from the Wii version over and it shows (not precise at all, and the motions don't feel fluid half the time). Hopefully, 2011 version will utilize the Move better and have a team specifically design it with Move in mind.

Scary692787d ago

@ Hyperbear
You apparently did not read the article there is a part in that article that stated "Guerrilla’s QA testers are well versed with a DualShock controller – they are masters of the device – and because of this they are running rings round the Move players who are still new to the device."

So if the players that are NEW to the device become experts in using the Move, then we shall see who will be doing rings around the players.

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Seijoru2788d ago

How is more shovelware helping the industry?

gamingdroid2788d ago

Sold out already? It's a little less than a month to release and it is sold out of pre-orders?

It's not a guess, you can verify it yourself at GameStop:

So Game in UK is reporting shortages and now GameStop in US. I got mine pre-ordered, but perhaps I should pre-order another one... for my other home as I travel a lot. I was thinking these are going to be abundant, but guess that might not be the case.

moparful992788d ago

How can something that isnt out yet be sold out? Makes no sense.. This is a marketing ploy to drive up demand and everyone knows it.. Microsoft still has a month until launch and they could easily ramp up production to meet the pre-orders...

gamingdroid2788d ago

It is sold out of pre-orders? What about it makes no sense?

Meaning the number of units MS have confirmed will ship to GameStop has been depleted. GS can't guarantee they will get more in so have to stop pre-orders!

If it is a ploy or not, that I cannot prove or disprove, but consistently Kinect has shown strong on pre-order charts and on the bestseller list on since it arrived their. Game in UK is also reporting potential shortage.

What do you have to support your argument?

Bell Boy2788d ago

Once a few reviews drop there maybe a few become available at retail based on what I have seen so far.

You maybe be even be able to pick up a good number after Christmas in the used section

Sitris2788d ago

It's going to sell a lot, that is a no brainer, but at launch will have no fantastic software, no hardcore game support. This is ms testing the waters, seeing how casual games sell for the product, if it goes well, then they will stick to that if it doesn't they will try another strategy. Move had a slightly better launch, but only just by what we can see for kinects launch games. But that was due to the patches to old games. I have used kinect, and It actual works great for navigating menus, but when you get to the game, due to my height (I'm 6'7") the game could not read me properly, the assistant said if I was at home I could calibrate it more, and move it around to make it work, but my space at home barely works with move, but it works perfectly within that space, kinect will not, it will be an interesting launch for kinect.

ndibu2788d ago

Then others are free to love it and pre-order it just the same

dragonelite2788d ago

Wasn't there a uk store chain that was also outsold off kinect preorders.
Personally motion gaming and 3D can die.

Droid Smasha2788d ago

250gig on preorder it will DEFINITLY be sold out during the holidays

stuna12788d ago

I guess this come down to how much the initial stock amount was!

Makidian2788d ago

The stock could be incredibly low which wouldn't be a huge surprise at all.

Imperator2788d ago

Yet I'm still not getting one. LOL. What is this, News for stockholders. Does this piece of crap selling well make you guys happy or something? It may sell, but I still don't see any games worth getting.

Jaces2788d ago

Ok this proves nothing, that Gamestop could of had like 6 Kinect Sensors in that one store. Wow 6...sold out, it must be the next best thing eh?

I'll wait for the real numbers when it's actually out.

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Zir02788d ago

Demand must be pretty crazy if they are saying its sold out a month before release.

Bigpappy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The evidence that the pre-orders were very high are all over the place. Even right here on N4G, if you ever look and the Amazon or VGchartz. Kinect never gone off the top 100 bestseller chart since pre-orders strated. VGchartz show it outselling games like GT5 and AC. In fact Kinict adventure was at #11 on the chart as of last week.

You have to keep in mind,that this is not DVD where you can have as many copies printed as you need to meet demand (they have to be manufactured). Shortages could last deep into next year if it sells 5mil over the holidays.

feelintheflow2788d ago

and asked about Kinect and if they had many pre-orders for it. He said a lot, then after about 20 minutes in the store he says, if you are interested I just got an email that says we will no longer be taking pre-orders after wednesday. So being the gullible customer that I am, and the fact that my wife is begging me to get this, I put down 100 bucks to reserve mine. Will I be playing it all the time, probably not, but I am sure the party games will be fun, and I know my wife will be playing the EA Active for it. She hates having that stupid controller strapped to her thigh on the wii. I am not expecting mind blowing experiences, but I am sure I will have fun. And yes i have plenty of room in my living room for this.

FrigidDARKNESS2788d ago

this is fantastic news Kinect is going to be awesome!

Shanks2788d ago

I doubt it'll be awesome but it will sell nonetheless.

mike90772788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

have fun jumping around like an idiot

haha i wouldnt want a move either
i like to relax when playing games so..

Adrela2788d ago

Have fun waving a dildo around.

Anton Chigurh2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Don't forget the lubricant. lol

lowcarb2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I bet some of you haters sit down at clubs and wish you could dance in front of others without being embarrassed. Shame your going to miss out on this unique experience.

edit below: Yeah there plenty of hate here which is why i knid of love it. The underdog is kicking booty and all they can do now is spread fud lol. comical

feelintheflow2788d ago

I here, "you are gonna look retarded jumping around" blah blah blah. I already look retarded swinging my wii remote around, so whats the dif. Its not like I will be playing kinect games that require you to jump around for 6 hours straight. It will be like wii sports, play it for an hour and have a bunch of friends over to play the party games. What don't people get about this. They cry for hardcore games, then whine about the fact they would get tired and look like an idiot jumping around. Too much hate on this site, thats for sure.

DarkTower8052788d ago

Going to a club, having some drinks, and meeting women IS NOT the same As looking like a fool in your living room. I find it sad that you would compare the 2.

lowcarb2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"IS NOT the same As looking like a fool in your living room"

Why should playing a game embarrass me in the privacy of my living room? Only a Fool would think he looks like a Fool. These games are made to be fun and will all require some type of movement. Heck even Move will have you moving around but let's see you spin that one later on.

"Stop sinking so low to defend your console. Sometimes you have to take M$ dick outta of yer mouth. I know you will choose to battle for anything pro Microsoft but please, we are all gamers here, let's not pretend like your bursting at the seams to play all this casual on rails shovel ware shit. Kinect is just HD wii with even less control options and performance."

Stop getting angry troll and acting out of disbelief. You come in here with defensive trash talk like you know what gamers want. Never did I say I was excited about the launch line up or anybody for that matter. Stop pretending you know all things Kinect like every game will be on rails and not require a controller. People like you are what's wrong with this site because you think you know everything when it's all(like your name)Black smoke. I judge for myself and if it wasn't for this key board between us I'm sure you would use a different tone kid.

DarkTower8052788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I got on you ONLY because you compared a real life experience to a virtual one.

AuToFiRE2788d ago

hey my girlfriend gets turned on by the shape, i get lots more in bed thanks to the Move, enjoy your hand Kinect fans xD

Bzone242788d ago

She use it on you? Is that where the getting more comes in?

Pretty sad though that your "girlfriend" needs a motion controller to get turned on enough to do anything with you.

AuToFiRE2787d ago

she gets turned on enough as it is, the controller just gives her dirty thoughts

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2788d ago
theonlylolking2788d ago ShowReplies(3)
XxDeathDoctorxX2788d ago

gamestop is sold out of harden ed of cod blk ops