GC: New Metal Gear Online screens

Konami has released eight new screenshots of Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Online.

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Venom_Blood4129d ago

yes bring the god of stealth once again online

Venom_Blood4129d ago

It would be so not fair if Kojima dont release an open beta for EU or NA

mighty_douche4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

suck me off kojima!! this game is gonna rule!!

oh an pepsi^^ there is already a beta underway, only in japan tho! =(

edit @ bio, oh i know what you want sun shine!

boi4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

awww that was kinda

anyways I really want this now!! (meaning the MGO)lol

mikeslemonade4129d ago

Hurray for the first serious MGS online game. And there's still plenty of time to make it look even better.

Agriel4128d ago

yea so far its only been announced for the PS3, nothing yet on any other version

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