Super Smash Bros. Brawl's first boss revealed

The Subspace Emissary, Super Smash Bros. Brawl's adventure mode, will feature bosses, according to Nintendo's Smash Bros. Blog, the first one being Petey Piranha. The website's latest update sheds a little detail on the huge boss character and comes up with three screenshots of him.

You'll probably remember Petey as the boss of Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube. In Brawl, Petey is bearing down on two iron cages, which imprison two princesses. Nintendo, in sort of a sick fashion, says you're forced to save either Zelda or Peach and asks, "What will happen to the one you don't save?!"

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KingJFS3956d ago

I don't know about Mario, but when Batman was in this position he managed to save them both.

Because he's both Bruce Wayne and Batman and he was PREPARED.

ChickeyCantor3956d ago

dude its up to kirby not mario =P

ItsDubC3956d ago

lol, lovin the polka-dotted undies.

The little nicks and scratches on Petey's lips show some great attention to detail. The graphics for this game keep gettin better and better.

BrotherNick3956d ago

Pick Zelda! She's hotter.

Secret Stash3952d ago

if it were me i'd save my self by running away...

Secret Stash3952d ago

id save zelda cause of her coolness on twilight prince