GC: Sony's David Reeves - Eurogamer Interview

Eurogamer pick through the aftermath of CG 2007 with some tough questioning.

Amoung the topics of conversation are lack of games, future plans & of course the unveiling of the new video on demand service for PlayStation 3 for the UK and Ireland, which also extends to PSP, a range of "Go!" branded services for the PSP, new versions of the Slim and Lite and a release date for the revised PSP hardware.

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Babylonian4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Is there a differance between Slim and Lite, or are they talking about one and the same thing. Because for all I know there is just 1 PSP redesign officially called PSP-2000 model (the older ones were PSP-1000 models).

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4135d ago

They should seriously have one where you choose two games of YOUR choice.

That would be much more appealing then two games which you are forced with.