Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay video

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Complaint about description: so here MGS4 gameplay video slightly Different from the other one enjoy

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Satanas4135d ago

This is the new GC 2007 playable demonstration of MGS4, however, it is nearly identical to the Metal Gear anniversary demonstration. The 2 major differences I noticed were: different CQC technique on the first guard, and the Metal Gear Mk.II failed to stun the enemy on his first attack.

The KEN KUTARAGI4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I agree.
This is almost the exact same walkthrough we saw a while ago.
And... unfortunately... Something still bothers me
While the camoflage is a cool feature, the system to activate it really kills the flow of gameplay. I don't understand why that was something that they chose to make manual. If you decide you want to activate your camo, I feel like it would be best to have it automatically map its apearance to the surface you are closest to by pressing or holding one button. Maybe have it in your items menu to activate and deactivate?

Maybe it's just me

JUSTaGAME4135d ago

The camo system is pretty much automatic with the exception of the face camo that he customizes in the first scene. Although I do agree, I think that should also be automatic.
I'd like to know... WHERE THE HELL DID THE BARREL GO!?

He was inside it... He rolled over a few soldiers, then, as he stood up... POOF!!!!! Gone... Did he put it in his pocket!? WTF?

Venom_Blood4135d ago

snake better not get a heart attack as im going to be rolling alot
:). I want to fight solidus again. that was my fev moment in mgs including the grayfox and mantis

Rageanitus4135d ago

but one gripe I had about it, I wish they removed the fixed camera view.

BLUR1114135d ago

mgs2 was not bad but i thought the 1st mgs and snake eater was so awesome

Satanas4134d ago

I assume you're talking about the overhead view, no worries, the third person view was added in Subsistence and is default in MGS4.

sMoKe4135d ago

Well you never know maybe this one will be alot better lets just hope and wait

sMoKe4135d ago

i see alot of good games on 360 but this looks absolutely fantastic i am jealous of PS3 owners Lucky You's

ash_divine4134d ago

you probably found the root to most(not all)of the hate surrounding the ps3. Jealously, and to come out and say it just like that pretty much makes you my favorite xbox owner on this site. (I'd give you bubbles but I not sure how)

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