HD-DVD Supporting Warner Bros Chief Steps Down? WB Going Blu? got the word from a reliable source that Senior Vice President of Market Management for Warner Home Video, Stephen Nickerson has stepped down from his position. During his tenure, Mr. Nickerson was an outspoken proponent of HD DVD. No word on his successor, or if Warner will change it stance on high definition releases.

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MK_Red4128d ago

If this means that The Matrix Trilogy for Blu-ray comes sooner then I'm all for it.

LeonSKennedy4Life4128d ago

The Matrix would be AWESOME on Blu-ray.

I do think, however, that if we keep the two sequels on HD-DVD...Blu-ray will win a lot quicker.

The other two movies just sucked SO BAD!

Razzy4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

I've been waiting for what seems to be an eternity for The Matrix on Blu. Hurry up Warner....FFS!!

barom4128d ago

what the hell, I lost my respect for blu ray. posting up rumors wth.

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MK_Red4128d ago

Warner has favored HD-DVD so far with releasing Matrix trilogy first on that format and its 300 HD-DVD having more features than Blu-ray one but could " if Warner will change it stance on high definition releases" mean that they might go Blu-ray exclusive to fight Paramount?

Warner going Blu could be the biggest news bomb of the month, even bigger than Paramount's move.

DJ4128d ago

it would mean one less competitor in the HD Movie market. They should take advantage of the situation.

TeaDouble_E4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

LOL just joking

Fighter4128d ago

Warner will probably not go HD DVD exclusive because, unlike Paramount, Warner has bigger and better movies to offer and they will make more money if they stick to both formats.

I will agree with MK_Red (comment #2)that if Warner does go Blu then the format war is over for sure. Don't forget that 300 on blu-ray outsold the HD DVD version nearly 2:1 but those numbers could've changed over the last week.

Phantom_Lee4128d ago

it seems alot of heat on the high-def lately....

oh well...*go back to play persona 3*

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The story is too old to be commented.