New Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Scans, Big Posters, Cowgirl Tifa

Korean website Ruliweb got a hold of some interesting photos that FFVII fans and PSP owners waiting for Square Enix' Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII can't miss. There are scans from a Japanese magazine loaded with delicious screens, along with a shot from a rather large advertisement poster.

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Geohound4070d ago

Cowgirl Tifa!?!?!?!?!

.... false advertisement, my friend...

INehalemEXI4070d ago

Everyday in traffic would make this grown man cry.

CLOUDJU4070d ago

And not another FF7 cash cow...

solidt124070d ago

is that 9.13.2007 i see there? our is that just in japan

g4n4070d ago

and yes 9-13-07 is the JPN release date, 2.5 years late. still no NA release date. I almost want to boycot SE for this game, 2.5 years late, very sad, very sad...

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