GC 2007: Wipeout HD Gameplay

Hit the fastest speeds as you ricochet off the walls of this futuristic city.

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djt233862d ago

i am sorry but that guy or girl suck

Schmitty073862d ago

He keeps hitting that wall

ngg123453862d ago

The enviroments didn't have any lighting, or color. I wonder how it will look when it is done.

ALIEN3862d ago

I don't know what you guys think, but i think this game looks so damn good. Im so excited about this games, i don't even care if they give it 1 out of 10, im still getting it.

thereapersson3862d ago

I already know what to expect from the Wip3out series, so even if this downloadable version flops in reviews, i'm still going to buy it and play the hell out of it. Plus there is going to be online multiplayer, so that's always a plus. It will finally be good to play against people with good racing skills, and not just ghosts or bots.

Rattles3862d ago

and is this is the downloadable one cant wait for the real one

MaximusPrime3862d ago

obviously he never played Wipeout before. I hate it when they show gameplay with crap players.

btw: video is as good as ever. That what i called proper racing game. Fatal Inertia, get lost.

Schmitty073862d ago

I played the Fatal Inertia demo and it sucked big time. I didn't even finish the race.

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