Nintendo Nominated for Best of GC awards has reported the full list of finalists in the nominations for this years Best of GC awards, which takes place on August 24. After the jump are the Wii titles and hardware nominated for awards.

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xaphanze4071d ago

the weird thing is,we rarely see wii news on this site.
its always abt 360 and ps3 and who is the best console between those 2.

Schmitty074071d ago

People can't argue over Nintendo because everyone likes them.

xaphanze4071d ago

or they dont really care about it

RyuCloudStrife4071d ago

schmi77y05 and xaphane either of you can be right but I always try to post news of every console

xaphanze4071d ago

you know what else is funny?
this news is taking forever to get approved hahahaha cof cof hahaha cof *drinks water*.

Azurite4071d ago

Must've missed what they showed on GC, can't recall any news about what they had.