2K Games violating its own EULA with Bioshock?

2K Games' Bioshock may be Game of the Year material, and it could possibly even be among the highest rated games ever, but this horror FPS title isn't without its share of trouble. In fact, complaints are piling up about issues in the PC version - from widescreen woes, to extremely prohibitive copy protection schemes. Some meticulous gamer calls out that 2K is in a worse pinch, stating that 2K Games conflicts against the game's own End User License Agreement (EULA).

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bung tickler3930d ago

yeah no sh!t hey, i put the game in and it works. cant beat that.

gogators3930d ago

you already got the one the snap shot achievements.

ploody3930d ago

Pc's are more hassle for what they're worth when it comes to games.

TrevorPhillips3930d ago

bioshock owns its one of the best fps horror game ever with its sensational graphics,gameplay and storyline remember this game has 4 story line endings so that means u can finish it 4 different wayz how awesome

TrevorPhillips3930d ago

bioshock wont look good on ps3 it will be crap common guyz u all know that u saw the comparison on the xbox360 and pc. 360 was better and pc was using directx10 and it didnt look good who agrees with me

sanderFVCKINcohen3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

The 360 also uses directx10, it looks better on a PC only if you have like a 1000dollars PC. But, other than that, 360 demolishes the average PCs out there.

FOLIAGE: ooppss, sorry about that bruh. Read some article a while back and thought we had DX10. So does that mean they cant update our videos drivers similiar to PCs???

Foliage3930d ago

The xbox 360 doesn't use DX10 in fact it can't, get your facts straight. They were trying to release a patch upgrading to DX10, but ATI has stated that the xbox 360 cannot be upgraded in this way.

That isn't an opinion, it is fact.

Do a quick google search and see for yourself.

duckman24703930d ago

I dont have a super computer, infact the most expensive thing is the video card. Altogether it only cost around $550-$650 to build which includes Windows Vista lol.
I have Bioshock Settings all on high and it looks awesome ,runs smooth, loading of new levels takes less then a minute and no Freeze-ups or issues, ohh ya plus it was $10 cheaper then the 360 version.
My system specs: Pentium4 3.4GHZ, ASROCK mainboard , 1GB DDR400, Windows Vista32, Wireless 360 Controller & USB Dongal, Nvidia 7600GS 512MB Video card. Ohh & all multiplayer games ARE FREE :)

Foliage3929d ago

PC prices have come down quite a bit. I'm not surprised by your setup.

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ultimategamer3930d ago

i have been having allot of fun playing this game it is phenomenal

snittolo3930d ago

I'm guessing it is the same for steam users or are they using a completely different installation system?

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