Critical Gamer: Homefront: Preview

Critical Gamer writes: First person shooter video games are big business. Over the last few years, publishers have tried to make them more relevant and adult by concentrating on things like writing and plot, with varying degrees of success (Modern Warfare 2, anyone?). Homefront, created by Kaos Studios and published by THQ, is pulling out all the stops with its frighteningly prescient storyline. Written by John ‘Apocalypse Now’ Milius, the game is set in the near future in the year 2027, and charts the military and economic rise of North Korea under its new leader, Kim Jong-un, who replaces Kim Jong-il following his death. Under its new leader, North Korea unifies with its neighbour in the south and gradually begins to take over the Asia-Pacific region.

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scruffy_bear2599d ago

I really want Homefront hurry up THQ

Jim Crikey2599d ago

North and South joining forces? Then taking over the world??!? Sounds a bit far fetched. Doesn't matter if the game's good, though.

Jockie2599d ago

I can only imagine what the Koreans think of the premise for this game.. seems a bit needlessly provocative.

DelbertGrady2599d ago

I'm wishing it will be similar to BF BC 2 with lots of vehicles and really big maps. The latest trailer looked really promising.

scruffy_bear2599d ago

Yeah they do I think Homefont be a great online game

Mondayding2599d ago

Yeah, some of these vehicle perks sound like a lot of fun. Or total frustration when you're getting bombarded by them. Wonder how this will go down in Korea...

Pidgeridoo2599d ago

Homefront sounds awesome, can't wait to get it!