Widescreen Patch Coming for BioShock

Because everything looks better in widescreen. At this point, players playing BioShock in widescreen are actually getting less picture. Instead of expanding the field-of-view to see more on the sides, the image is simply cut on top and bottom and zoomed in.

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Adamalicious4070d ago

How is this a confirmation of the patch?

They have a quote from Chris Kline from 3 months ago - before anyone even knew about the widescreen issue.

Shenanigans anyone?

tplarkin74070d ago

It looks like shenanigans. Besides, the latest official statement is that there will be no patch.

Cat4070d ago

agreed. the game may be fine to play (it is), but it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth that they've dropped the ball. then they kicked it at my face.

megamold4070d ago

the people not buying this game because of this issue are flippin' crazy imho

PS360PCROCKS4070d ago

Question is why did they say this and than not have it in the final version?

Adamalicious4070d ago

Can't say for sure, but some - myself included - think that it's possible that the additional rendering required for true widescreen would cause framerate issues.

JamShady4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

It's an old post which the lovers of widescreen use to thrash that guy with when he said (In May) that it would have full widescreen support. Jeez, does anyone check the news that gets approved these days?

This ain't news. There ain't no patch coming for Xbox 360.... possible for the PC users.

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