PS3 price cut helps, but not enough: Sony's next gen console still in last place

Variety follows up on the latest NPD data and breaks the sales into percentage decline and growth for each console. Most notably, Variety predicts that Xbox 360 will likely extend its sale lead over PS3 in August. Variety also predicts that Microsoft will "completely dominate" in September and October, following the release of Halo 3, over Sony's "large but lower-profile array of exclusive games."

Note: Along with The Hollywood Reporter, Variety is considered as the standard industry journals in the media and entertainment business - particularly in Hollywood. Variety is the most widely read trade publication in Hollywood, ahead of its only competitor The Hollywood Reporter. Variety is often the first thing media executives and professionals read first thing in the morning. This news report will appear on the desks of executives, producers and agents all across Hollywood tomorrow morning.

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xaphanze4078d ago

It needs good exclusives to sell which apparently isnt happing with the upcomming ones.

Clinton5144078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

People who buy them(the games) or random reviews?

larry0074078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

BTW ps3 has beaten x360 by 131 000 units in JULY on a GLOBAL BASIS
In JAPAN a total of 80 000 ps3s were sold last month

In JAPAN just 12 000 x360s were sold last month

In EU around 130 000 ps3s were sold last month
compared to just 50000 x360s

In NA the margin is 11000 + for x360

x360 total = 170 +50 +12 =232 000

ps3 total = 159+ 130 + 80 = 369 000

Therefore PS3 has beaten x360 by 131 000 units

PS3 is the victor!!!

source:- neogaf

JAPANESE SCENE below. Based on JAPANESE data ps3 outsells x360 by 60 000 units worldwide. add europe u get 130 000 units

***************************** ******************************

BTW TOTAL numbers for consoles in JAPAN till date

These are the JAPAN numbers

Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD
1. NDS - 153,834 | 147,205 | 4,994,717 | 19,000,396
2. WII - 73,938 | 65,120 | 2,504,496 | 3,424,139
3. PSP - 33,715 | 32,147 | 1,321,381 | 5,853,510
4. PS3 - 21,720 | 21,321 | 627,461 | 1,085,019
5. PS2 - 15,240 | 12,545 | 516,655 | 20,671,514
6. 360 - 2,445 | 2,112 | 137,679 | 402,381
7. GBA - 654 | 520 | 44,645 | 15,342,724
8. NGC - 145 | 131 | 9,276 | 4,178,744

In USA 5.92 million x360s have been sold till date vs 1.609 million ps3 (CANADA NUMBERS excluded )

BTW ps3 is beating x360 3:1 in EU and ps2 is beating it 4:1

here is the confirmation

CONCLUSION :- x360 is dead in JAPAN and EU

Loudninja4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

The PS3 got a great boost of 61,000 units. It help out alot.Its nto liek they had a small jump. I am sorry, I have to disagree with you there, it will happen, not everyone reads, or cares for reviews.

the_round_peg4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

this is the same news Hollywood executives, agents, producers, and directors will be reading tomorrow first thing in the morning in their offices. This is like the "Wall Street Journal" of Hollywood. Hollywood execs make their decisions based on what they read in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Imagine the shockwave this will send through the industry tomorrow. The title "PS3 price cut helps, but not enough: Sony's next gen console still in last place" -- it will affect everything else, i.e., when they consider if they will support Blu-ray or HD-DVD, if they should greenlight the Halo movie, if they should go to Microsoft or Sony when they want to expand into the video gaming business, etc.

You are now reading what the Hollywood execs will be reading as news. Like it or not, THIS IS NEWS. Even if this one get shot down in N4G, tomorrow all the big guns and decision makers in Hollywood will be reading this very same piece as news.

In the picture:
PAR = Paramount
prod'n = production

wildcat4078d ago

I'm pretty sure they don't base their decisions solely on what they read on the news, but on months of research, planning, and evaluating potential growths etc...

I'm sure anyone can figure out that a $100 pricc-cut(clearance as some like to say) won't simply propel them over the competition, especially with no new games. But I don't think Sony's intent was to skyrocket in sales , but more to clear out the 60g, add a tiny bit of value, and feed off of their E3 presentation.

rogimusprime4078d ago

Man, "Hollywood executives, agents, producers..." are some of the most fickle people on the planet. Their opinions mean nothing to me. I live in LA too. Who cares if the Halo Movie is Green Lit. They also Green Lit Underdog, White Chicks, and 2 (soon to be 3) terrible resident evil movies. Have you ever seen "Street Fighter"??? it was so bad, Raul Julia's heart exploded after shooting it.

My Point: Variety is Trash.

Kokoro4078d ago

Approved. variety is a great read for business people. The NPD counts as the box office of gaming. So yes it is important to people who are in the biz

pilotpistolpete4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

The ps3 is doomed since it sold 11K less in North America than the 360.

This site can be funny at times. I bet at least 6 news articles in the next few day being posted about how sony need to change things around. 5 of those will be "analysts" (whom are as reliable as a one eyed used car salesman named john doe) and 1 from a gaming magazine.

Many xbots will bash the ps3 and sony playstationers will say that all 6 are biased and that MS bought them out.

I am being somewhat sarcastic, but I would even remotely be surprised if my "prophecy" actually happens.

Happy gaming, not flaming.

Edit: chanto23
I agree, but its 11K, or roughtly 8% difference. I'll admit ps needs to bring up their sales, but if ps3 had sold 12K more so so (which would of been entirely possible), then things would of been different? Look at the big picture: sony and Ms arent giving up on gaming, so anyone who owns a console should be fine for many years to come. Why we cant leave it at that and start having these useless "analysist" news posts is "beyond" me. But i guess i should play "beyond" right?

chanto234078d ago

Im a Sony Fan...but the way things are going i think PS3 will play catch up for this whole gen unless something dramatically changes gamewise (KillZone 2, Unreal Tournament or Haze) cause we all know that Heavenly sword, Warhawk arent gonna do that good (hope im just wrong) the problem so far in my eyes is that when you compare 360 vs PS3 all the multi-plat games look slightly better than those on PS3 specially on the anti-aliasing department...PS3 needs to make somehow multi plat games to look better than their 360 counterpart...that will justify the +100$ pricetag and that will bring more sales...second the PS3 need to start getting their multi plat games to ship at the same time as the 360 or earlier cause for real? who wants to play a game 5 months old?

But the main thing is..make games that are graphically superior to the 360 games...thats it...

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