Exclusive: What Microsoft's Falcon project is going to mean for when you should buy an Xbox 360

Falcon is coming your way this fall. The first Xbox 360s with it are probably on ships coming from China.

Readers of this column will know that Falcon is the code name for a board that houses the first Microsoft 65-nanometer chip for the Xbox 360. We disclosed the exclusive story on the existence of Falcon just before E3 in July. Now we know some more, thanks to information from people familiar with Microsoft's plans.

The timing of Falcon's arrival is going to create a difficult balancing act for Microsoft. Bear with me. There is some technical explanation to do here, but it really does matter to consumers when you think about the implications.

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WafflesID4106d ago

Seriously people think about this, if people "fixed" their red ringed 360s by wrapping a towel around it and overheating it, doesit REALLY sound like the CPU has ANYTHING to do with the failures? COMON.

the Red rings failure has already been addressed with the improved heatsinks and better soldering. My elite was produced in july and it has the new heatsink. Waiting and trying to find an xbox with a falcon won't mean squat.

WafflesID4106d ago

CHRIST people.

Falcon DOESN'T ADDRESS THE RED RING ISSUE. It was modifactions to the actual motherboard that (hopefully) solved the problem.

Everyone keeps harping on this Falcon processor when it doesn't do anything for you. Complaining like MS OWES you a 65nm cpu, what MS DOES owe you is the newly revised heatsink and soldering of the components, and they ARE giving that to you.

s8anicslayer4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

I just had redrings on my 360 premium,did the towel trick and it worked.That was Tuesday,so Today I went to Gamestop and traded it in for an Elite,man Hdmi makes a difference, I wasn't going to wait till Falcon comes!

Bathyj4106d ago

I'm hoping the Falcon will fix the problems with the Xbox hardware.

This is why I cant understand why Xbox has still been selling so well. I'm not knocking it, how can you knock something for good sales?

I'm saying I cant believe people would buy an Xbox now, with Falcon right around the corner. People must simply not know about it. I cant imagine anyone here among "the informed" bought an Xbox in the last month or so. Its so weird.

No doubt I'll be attacked now for wondering about this.

WafflesID4106d ago

because the falcon DOESNT FIX ANYTHING.

It's chepaer and runs cooler, every console has had a cpu revision, even when they dont need to. The red rings is not a CPU related problem.

gogators4106d ago

360 went down. No way I am spending the money to fly my brother down and not have 4 360's up and running. Seriously though the Zephyr board, which the premiums with HDMI have, has added heat sinks. The new chipset will still make heat just like any other electronic device. It's more important that MS find a way to better handle that heat.

Why_So_Serious4106d ago

what's percentage of the 10.5 million 360s is from people having to buy a 2nd or 3rd due to their 360 dying.

i lurk around a few game site and it amazing how many time i read comments about people having bought it multiple time.

it shows how much people love that console and what people are willing to endure to play great games.

personally my 360 died last week and not from RRoD i'm trying to get it to RRoD so i can it fixed for free cuz there is no way i'm paying for a new one.

AAACE54106d ago

What's the percentage of the 100 million ps2's are from people having to buy a 5th or 6th(and in some cases 8th) due to their ps2 dying?

I've lurked around a lot of game sites, and it's amazing how many times i've read comments from people having to buy the console multiple times.

It shows how many love that console and what people are willing to endure to play great games.

Personally all of my ps2's died from the "Disc Read Error", so I knew sony wouldn't fix it for free. But since it wasn't as known as the 360's problem, I just kept buying new ps2's like everyone else!

The xbox 1 had no problems like this. The ps1 had no problems like this. The ps2 had all kinds of problems like this, which is a real problem cause sony thinks they sold 100 million ps2's to individual people, when in reality alot of people had to buy the console multiple times. This is why the ps3 wasn't doing so good! The 360 is MS second entry into the console war, so it was to be expected that they would run into some technical difficulty. Sony is a long standing hardware maker, so for them to make a console that has just as many problems as the 360 did is crazy.

The trick is... MS basically forced everyone to get an internet connection in order to get the most out of their games. Ps2 didn't require the connection so alot of people didn't get to meet up and complain about their ps2's dying. Proof of this lies in the fact that if there were 100 million ps2 owners... Sony wouldn't have had a problem selling 10-20 million easily! But here we are a year later and the ps3 is still just starting to take off!

There is just some kind of curse when a console maker makes their second console I guess?

I don't hate Sony or it's products, I will buy a ps3 when it's cheaper and has more games. The only game they have that interest me right now is Heavenly Sword. Don't say MGS4, FFXIII, or the other major games, cause we all know that they will be used 2 months after everybody beats them, and even better... they will be on greatest hits a few months after that, so I really don't see the need to rush out and buy one!

I have a Wii(which collects dust! And I have alot of games coming out for 360 this year! I'll get a ps3 later though...!

Depressed Mode4106d ago

Good post AAACE5, bubbles for you. I also accounted for 5 PS2s so i think the 100 million mark is a little bogus.

Why_So_Serious4106d ago

you clearly fail to understand the meaning of my first post i wasn't saying that 360 sales number were wrong cuz people buying it multiple time

i simply wanted to point out how much of a success it is with their game library & XBL that people will purchase it again and again

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