Call of Duty 4 - GC 07 Hiding In The Open Cam Gameplay

With the enemy only a handreach away, players must remain still as they hide in an open field using the camo of their ghillie suit. The HD version of this video is available following the link.

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ffffiiiirrrrssssttttttt i love this effing game

pilotpistolpete4107d ago

This game looks amazing. My favorite part is the backreflection on the scope, very nice indeed.

pilotpistolpete4107d ago

Man, this site is hilarious. many think this is the best looking game on any console, yet no one cares about it really, its just flamebait when the next killzone video come sout. Its been over an hour and onyl two responses (myslelf included). I bet if the name said "360 version better than ps3", it would be up to 100 posts by now.

its sad to think that the only reason to bring up this game is to flame other news.

Well i for one, think this looks amazing.