New Halo 3 Screenshots From GC - Forge UI Shown

The Games Convention, currently ongoing in Germany, has brought many new Halo 3 screenshots to light, found on's Halo 3 image gallery. Screen captures of the game's Campaign mode are shown as well as a first glance at Forge's UI giving us a first taste at what editing your favorite maps will be like.

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AkUmAzRaGe lRl3957d ago

Look at that sky lol Watch all the sony trolls try to come in here and say um I like gayzone better.

Ghoul3956d ago

awesome, you tried to be not fanboyish but your the first in line with that comment and opened the gates to a lil flamewar.

eLiNeS3956d ago

everyone stand back...

Schmitty073957d ago

These screens get better everyday. I'm glad I took EGM's word all that time back when they said the campaign made them say "Gears of What?"

Ghoul3956d ago

wow that actually looks quite awesome.

eLiNeS3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Disagreeing with all the positive comments. What a waist of a life.

NRG3956d ago

Probably gives everyone negative feedback just for posting in a Halo article.

Ghoul3956d ago

Coming from xbox1 wich i initially got for halo1, and beeing totally unstaisfied with halo 2, this turned out far better then i tought tbh.
Graphics wise.

Now give me decent controlls and a steady gameplay experience and im off getting a copy of gaylo 3 :P since it wont come out on my gaystation, well then of to my gaybox360

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