Confirmed: No Halo 3 Clan Support , Details on game's longevity

2old2play got in touch with Frankie at Bungie and asked them a few questions about rumors on Halo 3 clan support and how they expect to keep Halo 3 running as long as their last franchise title.

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toughNAME4103d ago

i thought it was already confirmed?

answer to this 'problem'

an awesome PARTY SYSTEM

ParaDise_LosT4103d ago

abit useless in guild is always gone while im on..
Party system :)
and LMAO at the pic

ALI-G4103d ago

and why it is important?

Blackfrican4103d ago

I have a feeling that Halo confirming no clan support indicates that Microsoft may have their own clan system integrated into the dashboard soon. It would not be good for neither Bungie nor Microsoft by having a conflicting clan system. With the popularity of clans increasing I see no reason to believe clans will not play a role in Microsoft's most anticipated game.

My prediction:
Microsoft implements a clan system into the dashboard possibly containing leagues, tournaments, and a clan match system.

BloodySinner4103d ago

I totally agree with you, buddy. Because it makes perfect sense.

Wii60_FTW4103d ago

Didn't u guys see the screenshot of the new fall dashboard update? There is clan support in the dashboard coming. fear not.

JokesOnYou4103d ago

they already confirmed this before, saying that clan support only amounted to be a second friends list.= Correct I agree though that later bungie will likely make it available if thats what fans want but I didnt think it was all that useful in Halo2. Just find a few friends when you're online and go bust a cap in somebodys @ss.

CLOUDJU4103d ago

There was a list of new features coming to XBL during the Fall Update. One of them being a "Clan Tab" in your friends list. So having Bungie add clan support when they know what's coming during the Update would be redundant. So, people who want that Clan List will get it, just not in Halo 3.

And as mentioned before, having the Clan Tab in Halo 2 was basically another friends list and it did not do anything for me in terms of longevity of the game.

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