Gran Turismo 5 Prologue GC 2007 Acura NSX '91 Cam Gameplay

There's just something about the graceful elegance of a car as it makes its way around a hairpin turn. The HD video is available following the link.

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A Man4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

It looks great.... the physics look great too.

fenderputty4012d ago

I wished they showed it in third person view though. Even in motorstorm, the games looks better in 3rd person. It's not as intense though. Either way ... it would be cool to have seen the car.

PS360PCROCKS4012d ago

Looks good but I love how the video ends right before that guy is about to slide straight into that wall. Lol I hate that track I always forget to break soon enough and slam into that wall also!

ALIEN4012d ago

Is this game coming out this fall?

ploody4012d ago

If I had to pick the best reason to get a PS3 - it'd be this game. When I see a good vid of GT5, it's the same feeling as back when I first popped GT3 in my PS2 back in the day.....holy crap

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