Rumor: Next Kingdom Hearts to be Wii's-clusive

The latest rumor on the street is that, the wii is going to be getting some Kingdom Hearts loving from its creators. The first ever Kingdom Hearts game will be announced for the Wii at this years Tokyo Game show.

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Honeal2g3684d ago

if anything there is a wii version in the works ....highly doubt Square would hold back its potential on the Wii.... no offense to any wii fans know its true though

unsunghero283684d ago

Square Enix would never put their kid-friendly title on the only kid-friendly system. Or, for that matter, the best selling system that is easy to develop for!

How idiotic would Square be for trying to make the biggest profit possible!

Foliage3684d ago

It would be a step back from the previous Kingdom Hearts in every category.

Like most things, I'll play the "wait and see" game.

midgard2293684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

well its just a spin off not part 3 so thats fine, the creator said he will work on KH3 when he's done with versus 13

Darkiewonder3684d ago

A spinoff which will be on handheld.

Marona3684d ago

Not exactly..... Nomura said the next KH will be on either Portable(Mobile, PSP, DS). Go read his interviews >>;

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The story is too old to be commented.